Buy Best Shampoos For Women Online For Different Hair Concerns

It is very easy to shop for shampoos online now, but did you know that the origin of shampoo dates back many centuries ago? Yes, shampoo has existed since the Indus Valley Civilization times. Shampoo, in fact, comes from the Hindi word ‘champo’ which means press and massage. Chik Shampoo was the first shampoo in India.

History of shampoo

Whenever you buy shampoo online, have you ever wondered where shampoo was first invented? Well, it was our very own country, India. Yes, shampoo was invented in India by an Indian Bengali entrepreneur and traveller named Sake Dean Mahomed. He used a blend of soap shavings, and essential herbs creating a concoction to cleanse your hair and scalp. He then introduced this concept of shampoo to Britain. He also launched an official shampoo booth in Brighton.

The growth of shampoo continued from then on and reached Germany in 1903. A Berlin chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf introduced Schaumpon in the market. This was a violet-scented powder that needed to be mixed with water and then applied to hair and scalp for cleansing. This product did the work of a shampoo but it was a lot of effort and messy at times. So, after a lot of work and re-invention, 25 years later Europe introduced its first liquid shampoo. And it was then that a multi-million dollar shampoo industry came into being.

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