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Shop By Eye

Buy the best eye makeup products in India from Iba Cosmetics 

Your eye makeup is what elevates your entire look. And, for the perfect eye makeup look you need the perfect eye makeup kit and the right eye makeup products. Along with owning the right products, you must also know how to nail decent, pretty-looking eye makeup. So let’s check out how to achieve the best eye makeup look.

How to do proper eye makeup? 

For starters, make sure you cleanse your face well with a mild face wash. You can use the Youth Preserve Vitamin C Face wash for a fresh cleansing regime. This will get rid of dirt, oil, and grime. Next, after moisturizing your face, don’t forget your sunscreenAnd, make sure you apply your eye cream around your eyes. This will hydrate the skin around your eyes and will not make your makeup look patchy. Make sure your eye cream is a part of your eye makeup set.

Like your regular makeup base, your eye makeup also needs a base. For that, you need to start with a primer and then follow up with a concealer. Your concealer must be a shade lighter than your normal concealer. This will make your eye shadow colours pop. They will look as bright as they appear on the eye shadow palette. So, the more eye shadow palettes you have in your eye shadow kit, the more looks you will be able to create.

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