Buy the Best Liquid Foundation Online in India from Iba Cosmetics

Your foundation cream is the most important part of your makeup. Your liquid foundation is what completes and makes your base makeup flawless. So, let us learn how to apply your waterproof liquid foundation. 

Begin with cleansing your face and then apply your serum and follow it up with your primer. Your primer helps in blurring out your pores and also helps in giving your skin an even tone finish. The next step is to apply your sunscreen. If you don’t have one then you can always buy sunscreen onlineNext, take your liquid foundation and apply a few dots all over your face and neck. If you are a beginner, then use a beauty blender to blend out your foundation cream. Take your time blending for a flawless base. But if you are confused about using a blender then simply use your fingers to blend your foundation. 

The best foundation cream is one that stays for a long duration without turning patchy or dull. You can surely try Iba’s Must Have Waterproof Liquid Foundation for this. And, if you are looking for a halal or vegan foundation, you can surely opt for Iba’s foundations. You can also use your skin foundation cream in multiple ways. For example, if you want a nice glass-skin-like glow, then you can mix your waterproof liquid foundation with your serum. In case you don’t have a serum, then you can surely buy face serum of your choice from Iba’s website. If you are looking for a dewy finish then you can mix your foundation with a highlighter and apply this all over your face and neck. You will get a beautiful dewy and glossy finish.

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