Long Stay Matte Lipsticks

Long Stay Matte Lipsticks

Buy the Best Long Stay Matte Lipstick Online in India

Did you know that the concept of a good long stay lipstick has always been desired even before its invention? Well, yes we are dating back to the times of Cleopatra when pomegranate and beetroot juices were used as long stay matte lipstick. Now, these hacks weren’t exactly the type of long-lasting lipstick you would consider ‘convenient’.

But thank God for technology and invention, we now have real long stay matte lipsticks. If you check out matte lipstick online, you will find a large variety of brands offering you a large collection of shades in the long stay matte lipstick category.

Iba Cosmetics also offers a huge variety of shades in their long stay matte lipstick range. You can check out all our matte lipstick online. All the makeup products from our brand along with the best long lasting lipstick are available across all e-commerce platforms including their own website.

Long lasting matte lipsticks are great for daily work wear because these lipsticks do not smudge or transfer at all. A good long stay lipstick can also be used in multiple ways like nude glossy lipstick when used with a lip balm, like a blush, link an eye shadow base, and a transfer proof lipstick when dabbed with some compact powder.

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