Top Lip Color Matches for your outfits

Top Lip Color Matches for your outfits

Imagine you have planned your perfect outfit for your bestie’s wedding but then your lipstick was too loud for your gorgeous wine lehenga and stole the thunder completely! Ouch!

Mis-matched dress shades with makeup that does not blend well and dulls or messes up your look is the biggest turn down ever. Fret not ladies! Your savior is here to rescue you from all your mis-match mishaps. 

Let’s check out a few easy looks and combinations that you can nail flawlessly and be the talk of the evening! 

Shimmers and Pastels: Shiny eyes & nude lips 

Be it summer, winter, wedding or just another family gathering; pastels are always in, no matter what. A pretty pastel colored dress always brings out the prettier version of you! But what makes your pastel-colored dress pop is your makeup. For example, a pretty peach coloured dress with matching lipstick is always a fresh option for a warm summer afternoon outing with your friends. 

So, let us check out a few more types of makeup and lipstick that would make your outfit look even better?  

Subtle eye makeup and bold red lipstick makeup

Make sure your eyes are subtle and maybe you can wear a nude shade eye shadow base with a shimmery eye shadow shade finished off with kajal on your waterline and some eye liner. For this type of eye makeup look, your eyeliner is optional. For your lips, we suggest that you go for a bold shade like Iba’s Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick – Mystique Maroon or something like the Long Stay Matte Lipsticks – Maroon Burst You can also try red lipstick makeup for a bright statement and try our best red lipstick from the Ultra Matte range and the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range. Don’t forget your blush and highlighter for that extra fresh, dewy glow! 

Nude yet Smoky eyes & nude lips 

What goes well with dark-colored gowns and little black dresses? Smoky, sassy eyes! This classy combination of nudes and smoky finish always guarantees that you slay for all types of evening occasions. If you’re confused on how to pick your smokey eye makeup look shades, then you have nothing to worry. Iba has the perfect eye shadow palette sorted for you; the Iba HD Eye Shadow Palette – Smoky Passion. It has all the gorgeous deep greys, black and blue shades for your perfect smoky eye makeup look. 

And, whenever you go in for a bold smokey eye look, always make sure that the rest of your face is subtle. Go easy on the blush for a fresh, delicately tinted look and pick a pretty nude shade for your lips. Something like the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick in shades Fresh Peach or Beautiful Mauve would be just perfect. Another gorgeous nude lipstick shade would be Nude Alert from the Long Stay Matte range. Team up these beautiful lipstick shades and you’re sure to kill it babe! 

Here is an extra tip for you if you are wearing a deep purple dress. The best lipstick colour with purple dress would be a nude pink finished off with a lip gloss that makes your pink lipstick pop even more. This will give your entire look a very enchanted feel. For your eyes, you can go for a subtle purple smoky look finished off with your eyeliner and your mascara.

Matte and Gloss: Shimmery eyes, matte lips

When confused about what goes well with pastel-colored outfits like sea blue, yellow or green, opt for matte, subtle eyes & glossy rich lips! 

Now this combination works well only if you do it in the right way! And we’re here to guide you with the perfectly right way! By matte and gloss we mean, you go in for a matte look for your eyes and pick something glossy for your lips.

Let’s say, you take one of our Must Have Lip and Cheek Tints and do your eyeshadow, with a few simple dabs. Take a little bit of your compact powder, dust off the excess and dab a little over your eye shadow. This will give your eye shadow a matte look and will also make your eye makeup last longer. Finish off with a little kajal on your upper lid and smudge it off for a subtle smoky finish. This matte look creates a bold statement for your eyes. 

For your lips, there are beautiful lipstick shades to choose from the Iba’s Moisture Rich Lipstick range and apply two coats. Let it set for 2 minutes and then apply a single coat of Iba Pure Lips Cocoa Butte Lip balm. This will not only make your lips glossy but it will also keep them well hydrated and moisturized. Or you can just wear lip gloss on its own. There are three beautiful shades to choose from, a pretty pink, a nude shade, and a transparent lip gloss which you can wear on its own or you can top it off with your favourite lipstick shade and make it into a glossy lipstick.

Apart from this, if you are looking for a lipstick to go with your red dress then we suggest that you pick the Perfect Red shade from the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick Range, which is the prettiest and most beautiful red lipstick ever. This is going to be your prettiest lipstick on a red dress.

Bare eyes & face with bright lipstick

This makeup look right here, creates a statement on its own for its bright and bold lipstick selection. You can wear this makeup look any time during the day or night. This is one of the classiest makeup looks you can try where all you need to do is perfect this makeup with a little bit of blush and finish it off with a bold and dark lipstick shade. The best lip colours to go with this makeup look are reds, maroons, deep wine colour, or dark browns.

These were a few of our mix and match tips and tricks; we would love to hear some of your mix and match secrets too!