Buy the Best Eyeliner Online in India from Iba Cosmetics

Eye makeup can be tricky on its own, and somehow liquid eyeliners have always seemed like rocket science that needed skill and practice. However, nothing is impossible and for everything, we have a special hack that actually works. Before we begin, make sure you are stocked up on your Iba Cosmetics eyeliner or you can buy an eyeliner online.

Before we begin let us dig a little into how eyeliners came into being. Eyeliners came into existence during the ancient Indian and Egyptian times. Ancient Egyptians and Indians used to apply eyeliner around their eyes mostly to protect their eyes from the rays of the sun. For them, it was both cosmetic and a necessity.

Later on, during the 1920s – the silent film era is when eyeliners became more popular. This was mainly because the actors used to apply Iba eyeliner to define their eyes and express themselves better. It was also then when Maybelline first marketed and advertised eyeliners as part of eye makeup sets that included a kohl kajal, and a mascara. This passed on the message that your eyeliner is a part of your eye makeup and it is what completes your eye makeup look. Initially, only black eyeliners were available, and now slowly we have a variety of colours and types of eyeliners available.

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