Easy makeup hacks with iba eye talk hd eye shadow

Easy makeup hacks with iba eye talk hd eye shadow

“Wait! There’s makeup hack and then there’s eye shadow makeup hack as well?? Oohh!! Now that’s something I’m gonna really lovvveee!!!”

Is that what you’re thinking? Oh how awesome! I could be a mind reader some day! Okay! Back to our topic...did you know that you could use your eye shadow palette in multiple ways?

No? Damn girl...you’ve been missing out so much! But don’t you worry anymore because we’re gonna tell you all that you can do with your Iba Eye Talk HD Eye Shadow palette.

Iba has these three amazing eye shadow palettes Glam Life, Party Vibes and Smoky Passion which literally have double personalities...in a good way of course! Let’s find out how...

This palette is your go-to palette for that every-day instant glam look. If you’re looking for subtle yet classy look then this palette could be your new BFF! But what else can you do with this palette? Well, if you’ve run out of your highlighter then the ‘princess’ shade in this palette is your perfect shade. It has the right shimmer that your highlighter should have. If you want your highlighter to be on a more blush-ier side then the ‘page 3’ shade is your pick! And...we’re not done yet! If you’re looking for that pretty pink blush for your cheeks then we have the ‘bollywood’ shade for you; this will give your apples the perfect plump that’ll make your look pop!

One palette and so many hacks! You know what to do next.... (SHOP)!!

This palette is the perfect combination of funky and classy! It has shades that’ll help you rock a party night out with your girls or that traditional wedding with your fam. But here’s the million dollar question; what else can you do with this palette? Well, the shade ‘disco’ could work really well like a highlighter with the right amount of sparkle. The shade ‘hip hop’ could work well like your brow filler and you’re looking for a highlighter that could double up as a shimmer for your lipstick then ‘trance’ is your baby! Haven’t we given you enough reasons to go ahead and shop already!? Nah? Okay...go on to the next palette then!

Okay this one’s my favourite because this palette gives you that perfect smoky eyes without any hassle ‘cause the shades are already there for you! Apart from being an awesome smoky eye BFF, the ‘envy’ shade works really well like a brow filler and the ‘starlight’ shade makes a perfect highlighter for that red carpet-ish look...if that’s what you’re looking for! If you’ve run out of your kohl kajal and you want to look fresh with a little smudged eye makeup kinda look then ‘charcoal’ shall be your go-to shade!

Okay atleast now we’ve given you enough reasons and ‘nuf said! Go on for your shopping spree already!