Iba presents #byot...be your own type

Iba presents #byot...be your own type

When someone asks you, ‘What is your type?’ it could be anything from lifestyle, music choices, food choices or even fashion choices.

Our ‘type’ defines who we are, and what makes us different and unique from the rest. Our ‘type’ speaks for ourselves without having to speak out anything at all.

Does it also happen to you that whenever you go for shopping, you end up buying similar styles or similar colours that you already own? Well, that’s not you being boring, if that is what you think. That is just you being ‘you’ and it is something you should own and be proud of!

Fashion, food, choices and lifestyle does define your type, but did you know that even makeup could have a type and could define your personality quite precisely.

For example, if you’re someone who loves nude lip shades paired with some kajal and blush; then you’re someone who loves to have fun but is also pretty grounded. For you ‘fun’ means hanging out with your friends, spending time with your family and no matter how high you fly, you always come back to your roots.

And that is exactly what we are celebrating with our newest launched combo, the #BYOT Multi-tasking Trio which allows you to #BeYourOwnType! There are three variants and each one speaks of a unique personality, a special mood and something you can use to be YOU. And mind you, we aren’t selling just another combo product; we are celebrating you and your unique type.

So what is so special about these combos? Well, these combos include three beautiful lip shades that are meant to work perfectly well as a contour, as a blush and a lip shade. How cool is that?

Now coming to the variants, there are three and each one speaks of a story!

Nude Attack

The first one is Nude Attack, as you can see the name already speaks for itself. Nude shades could be subtle, but someone who loves nude shades could also be fierce and fearless!

This combo has three shades; Mocha Shot for contouring, Nude Alert as blush and Cinnamon Chai as lip shade. These amazing shades are enough to make your makeup leave a statement; be it that business meeting that you have been prepping for or that virtual interview. Grab this one, if you dare to be fearless!

Peach Sorbet

Love this one! The name itself makes me imagine of a beach and a beautiful sorbet garnished with peaches and flowers. This combo celebrates the beautiful child in you who loves to have fun, frolic around freely and appreciate every ounce of life!

This combo’s shades are Mocha Shot for contouring, Apricot Blush for blush and Truffle Candy for lip shade. These shades are just perfect for the sweet ‘girly’ you. So don’t shy away, just add this to your cart now!

Party Edit

Do you also feel the funky vibe in this name? Well, I definitely do! Saturday nights, dancing with friends and red lips are kinda the place to be for a party lover! And only a red lip shade lover will understand the power and bossiness she feels after wearing her favourite red lipstick. This combo quite clearly celebrates womanhood and her boldness!

This combo includes; Mocha Shot for contour, Rose Tan as Blush and Urban Red as lip shade. Can you look bolder than this? I bet! These shades are killer for the hidden boss babe in you, so be that queen and grab this pack!

These amazing Iba #BYOT combos surely speak of you and your story. Of course, like all our products, these are Halal-certified, PETA-certified & contain no pig fat or alcohol.

The Iba Multi-Tasking Lipstick Trios are something every girl must own and celebrate their uniqueness in their own beautiful way and so we hope you try this to Be Your Own Type!