Iba Brand Story
Iba Using Natural Ingredients

Iba has a wide range of Halal certified, vegan beauty & personal care products

What makes us beautiful should also be beautiful.

By using only the purest and potent natural ingredients that deliver assured results while avoiding all animal derived ingredients, alcohol and harsh chemicals, Iba offers pure beauty without impurity.

Founders Of Iba Cosmetics

Meet the founders

It all started when two sisters, Mauli Teli and Grishma Teli, who worked in US as professionals in management consulting and biotech research respectively, quit their jobs and moved back to their hometown in India with a dream to start a cosmetics and personal care company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing eco-ethical products that would address unmet consumer needs. They founded Ecotrail Personal Care Pvt. Ltd. in 2012.

Iba Quality

Behind the brand

R&D is our foundation

At Iba, we use our extensive knowledge of natural, plant-based and environmentally friendly ingredients to create effective and innovative formulations across skin care, hair care and makeup that meet global Halal and Vegan certification standards. Our R&D lab is a modern facility with fully equipped and latest formulation development equipment and supported by in-house microbiological and QC testing labs.

Iba Quality

Quality is our priority

At Iba, we have our own state-of-the art production facility to manufacture creams, cleansers, shampoos, gels, lip balms, lipsticks and more. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, we make quality our number-one priority. From our modern manufacturing facility to our trained employees, we are committed to a manufacturing process that produces products with the highest quality standards. Alongside our products, our entire manufacturing facility is also Halal Certified by Halal India.

Iba Brand Story

Customer delight is only natural

Over the years Iba customers have experienced the joy of looking beautiful with an assurance of wearing products that are benchmarks of purity, safety and efficacy. This is reflected in their continued loyalty for each product and demand for new products. From a wide range of skincare offerings to unique haircare products along with a growing range of makeup products, team Iba has endeavored to meet the needs, likes and preferences of their loyal customers.