Hair Care

Hair Care

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Are you washing your hair in the right way? Are you using the right hair care products according to your hair type and hair care needs? Not sure? Well, let us check out…

Let us begin with the proper hair care routine that you should follow for fresh, clean, and bouncy hair like you would get at a salon.

It has been known that you must never use your conditioner on your scalp and if you do then make sure you wash it off. So, as your first step in your hair care routine, begin with your conditioner. Take a palm-sized amount of conditioner and massage it well on your scalp and run it through your hair lengths. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.

When you are done, take your shampoo and apply it only on your scalp. You should not lather your hair lengths because your shampoo is only meant for your scalp, not your hair. Lather up your shampoo well and massage every part of your scalp and behind your ears. This will ensure your scalp is completely clean and free from all the dirt, grime, oil, and dirt. Always make sure to shampoo your hair twice for a clean and fresh finish. And, the next time you are buying shampoos online, do check out vegan hair products as they are gentler and free from animal-derived ingredients.

After shampooing, it is time for conditioner. Your conditioner is meant only for your hair and not your scalp. It is okay if your conditioner touches your scalp while applying it on your hair, but don’t directly aim at applying your conditioner on your scalp. Your hair cleanses itself while you wash down your shampoo, and your conditioner helps in moisturising, hydrate, and strengthen your hair locks. Most of us tend to skip on our conditioner, but trust us when we say this, your conditioner is extremely important. It is your conditioner that increases your hair’s elasticity and prevents breakage, split ends, and roughness.

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