Common Causes of Hair Fall

Common Causes of Hair Fall

We might be here to read about all the common causes of hair fall, but the truth is hair fall is one common problem among all of us. Hair fall is that one dilemma that does not let you comb in peace, sleep in peace or even wash your hair in peace. You also dislike looking in the mirror because you automatically check on your hair fall. You tend to find your hair strands in all funny places except your scalp. 

As common as it sounds, hair fall can actually happen due to various reasons. 

Let’s check out a few of them and their solutions. 

Water Quality 

Water quality could be a major reason for your increased hair fall. You might have shifted to a new city and you notice drastic change in your hair quality with severe hair fall. This happens due to change in water, and the new water might have high levels of iron or chlorine in it. This causes severe hair fall no matter how perfect your shampoo and conditioner are. 

What you can do to avoid this problem is, getting a water filter for your shower. There are built in water filter shower heads available in the market that work perfectly well as showers while filtering out the water. This will not only ensure clean water for your hair, but it will also take care of your skin. 


Another major cause of hair fall is dandruff. Dandruff is caused due to a fungus called Malassezia. This fungus tends to feed on the oils of your scalp while breaking it down and leaving oleic acid. This makes your scalp itchy and also makes your roots extremely weak, causing hair fall. 

But the good thing is that dandruff is treatable. And the best part above it all is that you don’t have to go around hunting. Because we have the best anti-dandruff product recommendations for you right here. 

The first one is the Iba Professional Black Seed Therapy Shampoo which has been curated specially for hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp and pollution-damaged hair. Sounds like the perfect thing you have been looking for right? This shampoo has the goodness of kalonji, neem, amla, and zinc pyrithione. This combination combats dandruff like a dream. 

When you shampoo your hair, a conditioner is a must. Hence, our second product recommendation is the Iba Professional Black Seed Hair & Scalp Conditioner. Dandruff and all the itching rips off your hair strands natural texture. So, a conditioner is very important because it restores your original hair texture. This conditioner gives you soft and bouncy hair in just 3 minutes.

As important it is for your hair to be clean, it is equally important that you take care in maintaining your hair’s health. This is possible only when you deeply moisturize your hair and scalp, and for that you need a good hair oil.

The Iba Professional Black Seed Therapy Hair Oil is a perfect pick because it helps in reducing hair fall, promote growth of new hair, soothes irritated scalp, and also prevents dandruff from re-appearing. The part is, if you are a busy bee then this oil is just meant for you because 30 minutes is all you need for this hair oil to work. 


In certain cases, hair fall is causes due to hormonal changes or imbalances. This happens to mostly to pregnant women, people suffering from menstrual related problems like PCOD, PCOS. For these reasons, it is best advised that you take the help of a certified doctor who looks into these problems; preferably a gynecologist or a dermatologist. 

Hairstyles and treatments 

Now you might be recalling that salon trip you took for your hair straightening treatment and then again for that crazy color treatment. And you’ve been wondering why your hair fall has increased. Well, it is time to let your hair rest a bit and take care. Make sure you use a mild sulphate free shampoo and a conditioner. The Iba Professional Plan Keratin Range would be a perfect pick. Secondly, make sure you oil your hair at least twice a week for a month and the continue with once a week. This will hydrate and repair your hair from within and gradually your hair fall will reduce too. 

These were few of the most common hair fall problems that we all have faced or facing right now. Make sure you take care of your hair with lots of love and the best products.

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