Buy Best Kajal For Eyes from Iba Cosmetics

Did you know that kohl kajals have existed beyond eons of time? It has been known that Egyptians used a black powdery substance around their eyes to protect them from the sun's harsh rays. They called this the ‘galena eye paint’. This can be stated as the beginning or the birth of kajal.

History of kajal 

The use of kohl kajal has always existed in Indian culture which has now transitioned to a beauty and makeup necessity. In olden times, kajal used to be made at home with kitchen ingredients like ghee, almonds, coconut oil, etc. But, now you can easily get your kajal online and offline. The new-age kajals are far easier to use, they are long-lasting, smudge-proof, and water-proof.

If you buy kajal online, you will get a million varieties out there. So, it is important that you know about the best waterproof kajal and also about a few best smudge-proof kajal available in the market. Make sure you compare and check all the kajal prices before purchasing.

In our Indian culture, kohl kajal has a deep significance. Eye kajal is applied to newborn babies to ward off the evil eye. It is applied to their eyes, or like a ‘tilak’ on their forehead. Girls wear kajal to enhance their beautiful facial features or to instantly look presentable and fresh. Muslim men wear kajal or surma as a sign of devotion. Hence, keeping this in mind you can safely wear Iba’s All Day Kohl Kajal everyday as comes under the category of halal cosmetics.

One funny thing about your kohl kajal is that if you are someone who wears kajal every day and you skip it for a day; people will start asking you if you are sick. Hence, people who wear kajal on a daily basis, for them kajal prices have never been a problem.

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