Eyeliner Vs Kajal – Let’s understand the difference

Eyeliner Vs Kajal – Let’s understand the difference

Let’s begin with a simple statement for these awesome products which says, “They are same-same but different!”

This statement is true by all means when we talk about understanding the difference between a kajal and an eyeliner. We all know that these are two completely different products but both are meant to make your eyes look pretty and fabulous. But how do these two products differ from each other? Let us dig in a bit and understand the difference between kajal and eyeliner.

What is a kajal?

Kajal is nothing but a black pigment that was originally acquired from galena, which is a black coloured pigment that Egyptians used to apply on and around their eyelids. They believed that this protected their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. But this black galena paint was harmful to the eyes.

Later on, in ancient times, kajal was made in a different way with safer ingredients like ghee and almonds. This method was done by lighting an earthen lamp filled with ghee and the almond was roasted in its flame. The almond was to be roasted until completely burnt, and then this almond would be crushed to a fine powder. This black powder would then be mixed with ghee to form kajal. This was the purest form of kajal to have ever existed, and it was also good for the eyes. But this type of kajal, though it was good, was not long lasting. The only problem with this kajal was that it had a greasy structure and would smudge easily.

History of eyeliner

When we talk about kajal vs. eyeliner, it is important to understand how eyeliner came into existence.

Well, thanks to the ‘Silent Film Era’ heavily lined eyes came into being and became a statement style in makeup. Later on, Maybelline created and marketed its very first eyeliner and sold it along with its eye shadows and mascaras called ‘eyelash darkener.’ Maybelline marketed this kit in such a way that the message passed on was somewhat like ‘you will need all these 3 products for a complete eye makeup look. Eventually, people began to recognize these products as a complete set and how each product complimented and completed the other.

So when we talk about the difference between kajal and eyeliner, it is important to understand that both the products are completely different and both work in different ways, yet they complement each other perfectly. You can either wear these two products individually or you can wear both products together.

Types of eyeliner

There are different types of eyeliner available in the market according to your choice and preference. There are liquid eyeliners which come in different bottles and containers, there are also pencil eyeliners which come in different colours, and there are also pen eyeliners which come in felt-tips for easy application.

The liquid eyeliner are one of the oldest types of eyeliner in the market. These liquid eyeliners have been known to be used by everyone from a beginner to a makeup artist. These liquid eyeliners are still very much in use for its unique long-stay, waterproof, sweat proof and matte finish qualities. These liquid eyeliners need practice until you can use them without messing up.

Next up are the pencil eyeliners which come in vibrant and fun colours. These types of eyeliner are very pigmented and can be used very easily, even by a beginner. These types of coloured eyeliner can be used on its own or can be smudged to create fun eyeshadow looks. Owning a few of these colour eyeliner pencils will save you from purchasing expensive eyeshadow palette. You can also use your coloured eyeliner pencil for your lower lash line for a fun and unique look.

Lastly, the newest types of eyeliner available in the market are the pen eyeliners. These types of eyeliner pen come in a unique felt-tip which makes application extremely easy. These types of eyeliner are a great pick for a beginner. The body of these eyeliners look exactly like a pen and it’s very easy to hold and carry. This is one of the greatest inventions for beginners who want to nail a perfect winged eyeliner without messing up.

Types of kajal 

Like your eyeliners, there are also different types of Kajal for eyes which works differently. There are pencil kajals which need to be sharpened, there are pen kajals which come in unique twist pen styles, there are also kajals which come in tiny containers that need to be applied with your finger or using a brush. The best Kajal for sensitive eyes is the one which claims to be vegan and free from any type of harmful ingredient and chemicals. One of the best Kajal for eyes used to be the ones that were made at home by our elders. But the only problem with these kinds of kajals was that they were not long-lasting at all. But the only good thing was you did not have to look for Kajal price when these pure containers were made at home.

So when we talk about the difference between kohl and eyeliner we can conclude by saying that both the products are extremely different from each other but go along well when used together. You can either use a single product at a time but for a complete look using both an eyeliner and a kohl gives you the perfect dramatic finish.

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