Biggest upcoming makeup trends of 2022.

Biggest upcoming makeup trends of 2022.

Who doesn’t love a good trend, especially when it’s related to beauty? We can never get enough! From time to time we have seen makeup trends changing every year. So, what’s in for 2022? It's going to be a grand year for makeup.

While we were in 2020-21 we all experimented with makeup while we were at home. It’s now time to put it to the test! If you want a jumpstart on the hottest makeup trends that will be all over the internet this year, here’s what we at Iba have to say.

Minimal & Soft skin  


The heavy-duty, caked makeup is no longer en vogue. We are kind of stepping away from the full coverage foundation look and we are going all-in with soft, luminous & juicy skin! Lightweight products which are breathable, especially like face masks & serums are not going anywhere anytime soon. A combination of dewy & fresh is going to be a mood. To master the no-makeup look, take notes and thank us later!

- It always starts with good skin prep. Think Iba’s newest pre-makeup serum on damp, just-cleansed skin!

- Mix your foundation with your favourite moisturizer for a subtle, glowy finish. Here,Iba Halal Care Crystal Clear Skin Tone Perfecting Gel Crème + Must have foundation will help!

Statement Blush


Who said blush is just for your cheeks? 2022 is definitely proving us wrong.

The best things about blush? Too manyyy!

Apart from just the right rosy colour, the placement of your blush is very important!  Different blush placements are going to be in fashion at any point in time. People are sculpting their cheekbones and adding the flush of colour so it’s more of two in one - a total win-win.  Apply the Iba Must-Have Everyday Lip & Cheek Tint with a gentle swipe going beyond the apple of the cheeks up till your cheekbones and connecting it to your eye shadow wings and voila you’re done, looking all fresh.

Statement Eyes


All thanks to the pandemic and masks, we tend to focus more on the eyes. People are now expressing themselves with bold, brighter, graphic eye looks. When popular teen drama Euphoria aired their second season, everyone went gaga over it!

What better time than now to take your eye makeup game to the next level?

Treat your eyelids as a blank canvas, add a pop of colour - be it matte, glitter, metallic shadows, jewels, metallic studs and feel like a whole new person, literally. Start with priming your eyelids by applying Iba Must Have Concealer as a base for the colour to sit well. Start by applying the desired shade from the  Iba Eye Talk HD Eye Shadow palette and layer it up according to your liking.

Graphic Eyeliner


As we talked about everything turning into bold, creative and graphic. Eyeliner looks can change the entire look and take it to another level. Eyeliners can be really abstract and you have the freedom to create the most attractive look.

Go ahead and swap out your old liner with Iba Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner and use it to draw a crisp double wing liner, negative space cut crease, thick statement liner or even batwings should you fancy those.

Bold Lips


In 2022, we are going bold all the way with our choices, now that we have spent so much time at our homes it’s time to move out it’s time to flaunt all bold & bright lips. Some catchy, edgy shades that you can try this summer are Iba Pure Lips Maxx Matte Liquid lipstick in the shades Joyful Pink & Mystique Maroon. Iba Pure Lips Long Stay Matte Lipstick in Urban Red, Wild Magenta & Toffee Brown give one a break from the evergreen but understated nude lipsticks.

We hope you loved this round up of emerging makeup trends this 2022! It’s time for you to keep up with some of these beauty trends and get dolled up!

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