Monsoon hair care regime for long hair

Monsoon hair care regime for long hair

Imagine you have long luscious hair...almost like Rapunzel, and you flip your hair like an ad commercial! How gorgeous! And then you run your fingers to show how amazing your strands are....but anti-climax! You fingers get stuck because the weather is humid and your scalp is greasy! Bummer!

And, the ones who already have long hair already know that this isn’t just some anti-climax imagination, its sad reality!

Having long hair, is like having a love-hate relationship with your strands every day. Some days you can’t stop admiring your hair and some days you just want to chop it off...because why not? It humid, it’s itchy and there’s hair falling everywhere like Niagara Falls!

So, what should be done to take care of your hair the right way? Well, here’s your go-to hair care regime that’ll make you love your hair every day.

Keep your hair & scalp clean

The first and the foremost rule for your hair, no matter long or short, keep it clean. Make sure you’re not lazy and shampoo your hair at least once a week, if you’re someone who’s extremely busy. But on days when the humidity level is high, make sure you shampoo the next day.

Use a mild sulphate free shampoo during monsoons and summers, because these seasons bring a lot of sweat and grease to your scalp. That isn’t good it’ll result in dandruff, itchy scalp and hair fall. So make sure, you shampoo at least twice a week to keep all the greasy problems at bay!

Condition your hair

Now this step is something that most of you skip. Stop grinning guys! I already know this tiny secret of yours. Conditioner means one ‘extra step’ but in real it is one of the ‘most important’ step. A conditioner helps in locking moisture into your hair strands and it repairs the structure of your hair. This means, lesser breakage and gradually resulting in zero hair fall.

It is very important to choose the right conditioner according to your hair type and also pairing the same type along with your conditioner. For example if you are using Iba Professional Black Seed Therapy Shampoo, then make sure you’re using Iba Professional Black Seed Therapy Conditioner.

Oil your hair

Are we talking about more grease!? Lol! No way! In fact oiling your hair and scalp once a week, keeps your roots strong and your strands stronger. But the question is, ‘are you oiling your hair the right way?’

You must always oil on a clean scalp. I know most of you would oil your hair on a Friday and then shampoo off on a Saturday! But, just take 10 minutes of your time and rinse your hair with some shampoo. You don’t need to follow the wet-massage-lather-conditioner drill, just make sure you rinse off to get the grease and dirt off your hair. 

I know guys! That this one is like one extra little step, but this awesome extra little step is what is going to make your hair absolutely stunning! You can surely thank us later.

But, if you’re someone who is super low on patience then you got to get your hands on Iba Professional Black Seed Therapy Hair Oil because this awesome liquid gold in a bottle works its magic in just 30 minutes! How cool is that!

So, now no more love-hate relationship with your hair and no more excuses! Only gorgeous flippin’ hair all the way!