5 reasons to pick vegan & cruelty-free makeup

5 reasons to pick vegan & cruelty-free makeup

Just because that cute furry bunny isn’t your pet, does not mean you’ll let it get hurt!

That’s true guys! Everyday millions of animals are being tested with beauty, makeup and skincare products that aren’t meant for them. These products are made for you, and to ensure your safety; in the process, all these innocent furry babies lose their lives every day. This isn’t fair at all!

Testing on animals isn’t only evil but also absolutely unnecessary because an animal’s skin texture and type is absolutely different compared to that of a human.

So, I’m sure most of you already feel the need for this discussion. Let’s just say, this isn’t really a discussion, but we’ll give you 5 reasons to pick brands that are cruelty free and vegan. So, it’s like ‘what makes you beautiful, must also be beautiful’.

Animal testing does not equal to human testing

Like mentioned earlier, testing on animals does not correlate 100% to testing on humans. The skin texture, the fur texture, eyes, anatomy and so on of an animal is absolutely different from that of a human. Hence, animal testing does not give desired results. There have been several cases where certain animal tests have been proved as ‘favourable’ for animals, but resulted as fatal or ineffective in humans and vice versa.

Vegan makeup does not contain animal derived ingredients

When you’re using vegan makeup, especially lipsticks, you can be 100% sure that you won’t be swallowing anything nasty towards the end of the day. And by ‘nasty’ I mean crushed beetles and insects! That’s right! Red, dark pink and dark shaded lipsticks contain carmine (crushed red beetles) that gives it its striking dark colour pigment. Not just this, but the moisture in lipsticks comes from pig and camel fat. Isn’t that just disgusting!

But, when it comes to vegan lipsticks, none of these animal derived products are used. Vegan makeup brands use products that are plant based and ingredients that imitate these animal derived ingredients that give perfect colour and quality pay off.

Vegan makeup is also cruelty free

Another plus to picking vegan makeup brands is that, 99.9% vegan makeup brands also follow the notions of cruelty free offerings. They abstain from testing and trying on animals. These products contain natural and plant based ingredients and hence they are absolutely safe for human use and testing without subjecting animals to tests.

Vegan makeup does not contain ingredients from dead animals

Dead animals...gross! Protecting animals is one thing, and then there’s picking of rotten parts from dead animals which you might have been applying on your face! Yuck! Quite a few animal derived bi-products come from the meat industry. Parts of a deceased animal are often used in the beauty and makeup industry, which is absolutely unacceptable!

 Vegan makeup uses safe ingredients

The best thing about a Vegan and Cruelty Free makeup brand is that, all their products are free from animal derived ingredients. In fact, they use ingredients that are pure, natural and mostly plant based. For example, instead of pig fat in lipsticks, a vegan lipstick consists of cocoa butter which is awesome for your lips. Instead of carmine, natural plant based colours are used, which are safe and gives awesome colour pay off.

To know more about vegan ingredients, check out Iba Cosmetics and you’ll be sweetly surprised when you find out about all the awesome ingredients that we have been using!

Kudos to Peta for always championing animal rights and encouraging companies to move beyond animal testing. You could check out the Live we conducted with them here or also visit their website to know more about their efforts!

Written by Donna.