What is blue rays & how can you prevent it?

What is blue rays & how can you prevent it?

Blue rays light! Sounds almost like an alien attack or maybe a scene from Star Wars!

Well, it’s nothing so out of this world but it is definitely something that needs your attention. A blue ray light is something that all of us have been tremendously exposed to and has been harming us in ways we haven’t really pondered about!

 Blue light is emitted from the sun as well as your digital device and it is extremely harmful for your skin.

Most of us are used to checking our phones at least 100 times a day on an average scale. Each time you check your phone or your laptop, you are being exposed to the harmful blue ray light.

Blue ray light can cause early signs of ageing, prolonged dark circles, dull and tired skin. It can also penetrate deeper into your skin as compared to UVA and UVB rays. Scary enough! We totally feel you!

Here’s how you can prevent and protect your skin:

That’s right guys, sunscreen with a high SPF is extremely necessary if you’re used to working in front of your screen for long hours. A hydrating sunscreen does not also protect your skin but also keep your skin happy and hydrated!

No matter how tired you are, do not skip your night routine. You night routine must include a good cleansing followed by a night crème that repairs and heals your skin from within. Follow up with an eye crème that fights and prevents dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Iba’s Advanced Activs Youth Preserve Range is the best one for this.

If you have been in front of your screen for a long time then a healthy and a balanced diet is a must. Include lots of fruits that are high in Vitamin C and also green leafy vegetables. These ingredients are also high in proteins and nutrients that boost collagen formation.

See! It isn’t that tough of a job to keep off the might blue ray villain!