Nail Color

Nail Color

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Pretty nails are a true flex when it comes to flaunting your nails every day! But applying nail paint and removing it timely is another dedicated task that needs time. So let’s talk about nail colors today and also learn about breathable nail colors.

Now what exactly are breathable nail colors? Breathable nail colors are basically halal nail polish colors that are air and water-permeable. And when it comes to Iba Cosmetics, we are the only brand that offers halal nail polish in India. When we see that these halal nail polish in India are air and water-permeable, we truly mean that air and water can pass through your nail color and touch your nail bed retaining moisture and hydration. This also means that these nail polish colors will not cause yellowing of your nails. In other words, these nail polishes are safe to wear even when you are performing wudu or offering prayers.

This air and water permeability technology works when you wash your hands under the water for a minimum of 30 seconds. This ensures that water has passed through Yonder Colour and has touched your nail bed. Many of us perform an experiment on this water permeability on Iba Halal nail polish by applying the nail color on tissue paper and dropping water on top of it. This experiment will not work because the texture of the tissue paper and the texture of your nail is completely different. Rest assured these Iba halal nail polishes are halal-certified and do not contain any amount of alcohol or any other harmful chemicals in them.

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