5 Essential makeup tips for skin 2023

5 Essential Makeup Tips for Skin 2023

Makeup is art! And any artist would agree that art is incomplete without a few mistakes. The same goes for makeup, until and unless you play around, make mistakes, make a mess, you will never ace flawless looking makeup. Hence, go and play around your makeup, only then you will learn how to nail a perfect makeup look.

But before you go out there and start playing around, here are a few makeup tips for face that looks perfect and with a flawless finish.

Makeup tips for dark skin

The best advice and makeup tip for dark skin is to take time and do your base makeup really well. Make sure your base makeup products like you foundation, concealer and compact powder are of the exact shade of your skin tone. If your base makeup products are a tone lighter than your skin tone, then you makeup will look grey and artificial. Another makeup tip for dark skin is to use an orange colour corrector before starting your base makeup. This will make your base makeup look flawless and will not oxidise when it sets.

Makeup tips for dry skin

Your makeup is incomplete without a proper skin care routine before your makeup, especially if you have dry skin. So, one major makeup tip for dry skin is to follow a proper skin care routine before beginning your base makeup. Begin by cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser that does not strip off your skin’s natural moisture. Next, use a toner which will hydrate your skin and will also tighten your pores. After your toner, use a skin serum that will not only hydrate your skin but it will also give your skin a nice boost of glow. If you have extremely dry skin, then add in a fourth step – moisturization. Make sure you follow this makeup tip for dry skin next time you do your makeup.

Makeup tips for oily skin

Dewy makeup look or glass skin makeup look are trending, but oily skin makeup flaws aren’t so appealing. Hence, you need these makeup tips for oily skin so that your makeup looks flawless and amazing. Begin with cleansing your skin with a vitamin C face wash that is meant for oily skin. After that, a toner is an absolute must for oily skin. Because your toner helps in balancing your skin’s pH level and also helps in tightening your pores. Next, for your base makeup, make sure you pick a waterproof liquid foundation and your concealer should also be waterproof, sweat-proof and are also matte. These features will keep your skin fresh and oil free throughout the day. Don’t forget to set your makeup with a compact powder.  

Anti-aging makeup tips

Art does not see age and so does makeup! Hence, makeup is for everyone as long as we do it in the right way, with the right products. Ageing is something that we cannot stop, but what we can do is follow a few anti-aging makeup tips that will not only make sure makeup looks awesome but will also take care of your skin. Make sure you use a good anti-aging serum or a moisturiser that takes care of your skin. This makeup tip for skin especially for older women is very important as skin care plays a major role when your skin starts ageing. Another anti-aging makeup tip is to use a good eye crème around your eyes and your eyelids. Hydration around your eyes is extremely important to keep wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles at bay.

Makeup tips for summer

Summer is all about being vibrant and choosing the brightest colours for your outfit as well as for your makeup. But, it gets really frustrating when your makeup budges and melts because of the summer heat. So you need to follow a few makeup tips for summer to make your makeup look flawless and pretty.

For starters, make sure your foundation and concealer are waterproof and sweat proof. You will also need compact powder to set your makeup and give your base a nice matte finish. If you have oily skin, then one major makeup tip for summer would be to use a powder blush instead of a cream blush so that it does not smudge or budge. Apart from all these makeup tips for summer, make sure you don’t skip out on your sunscreen. Your sunscreen is extremely important, especially when you are stepping out. Your sunscreen does not only protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, but it also protects your skin from sun damage and tanning.