5 Best Waterproof Eyeliners For Summer

5 Best Waterproof Eyeliners For Summer

Summers are here and it’s time for colours, fun and everything chill! Warm summer afternoons are just perfect for a trip to the mall or a movie with your girls. And going out means looking good, dressing up your best and wearing the prettiest makeup.

In summers you need to take care of your skin more because of the warm weather, your skin tends to sweat more and that invites skin irritation and pimples, acne and open pores. Hence, make sure you follow a proper skin care routine and keep your makeup simple.

The best makeup for summers is to keep your base minimal and simple, and a subtle yet classy look. Sometimes, you can even skip your entire makeup look and just wear your eyeliner for a funky yet simple look.

So, let us check out a few of the best eyeliner for summer.

Must Have No Mistake Eyeliner

If you are a beginner then this is one of the best vegan eyeliner pen for summer. This eyeliner is more like a felt-pen that is easy to use and hold. The best thing is that this eyeliner pen is matte and waterproof which is perfect for a summer eyeliner look. The applicator of this eyeliner comes in a super soft felt-tip that makes application extremely easy and smooth, and a single stroke is more than enough to give you an instant makeover. You can even use the felt-tip like a stamp for your winged eyeliner, which makes this eyeliner a perfect addition for your summer eyeliner look.

Iba Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner

This is one of the best eyeliner for hot weather, because this Long Stay Liquid eyeliner is smudge-proof, water-proof and also dries extremely quickly. The applicator of this liquid eyeliner is very fine and thin, which makes application an easy experience. The formulation of this eyeliner is very simple and safe for everyone to use. This eyeliner is also water-resistant, which means even if you sweat or splash your face with water for refreshment, your eyeliner will not smudge or budge. Using a face mist in the middle of the day is also a great option with this eyeliner.

Iba Eye Talk Liquid Eyeliner – Metallic Blue

If you are looking for a funky coloured eyeliner for summer and elevate your look, then this blue waterproof eyeliner is all you need. The shade of this eyeliner is absolutely royal and rich. You can create multiple looks with this funky eyeliner and even different eyeliner styles. This blue eyeliner can also be used like an eye shadow base when you apply a tiny amount and smudge it using a brush or just your fingers. And finish off with a different shade like a pink, a gold or just your black eyeliner.

Iba Eye Talk Liquid Eyeliner – Shimmery Bronze

Now if you want the best eyeliner look, then this shimmery shade of bronze eyeliner is just perfect. You can wear this eyeliner for summer outings in the daytime when you wear it on its own, and you can wear it at night when you sport a nice smokey eye look. You can even try different eyeliner styles with this, like a funky graphic eyeliner, fox eyes, cat eyes eyeliner. This eyeliner is also one of the best eyeliner for hot weather because this shade adds the perfect amount of shimmery tint to your look.

Iba Eye Talk Liquid Eyeliner – Glamorous Green

If you are someone who likes to pick colourful makeup, then this eyeliner would give you the perfect summer eyeliner look. This perfect shade of funky green is just awesome for both daytime and night time look. Wearing this green eyeliner on its own is enough to give your entire look a beautiful makeover. You don’t need anything extra if you wear this eyeliner on its own. When you create different styles with this green eyeliner, you instantly get a chic look. This eyeliner is also safe and dermatologically tested, so it is suitable for everyone to use. This eyeliner is also suitable for people who have sensitive eyes or for people who wear lenses.