winter makeup tips

Winter Makeup Tips for Glowing & Flawless Skin

Winters can be gloomy and dry at times…for your mood as well as for your skin! But there’s nothing more charming than flawless glowing skin on a winter evening. Dewy glossy and glowing skin is what we all crave every winter. 

So, let us check out a few winter makeup tips and secret skin care for winter so that you glow this season!


Starting off with one of the best winter makeup tips, no matter what season or weather, cleansing your face is essential. This is one of the most basic skincare tips for winter. Cleansing is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and free from all types of dirt and pollution. Cleansing deeply cleans your skin from within while prepping your face for your makeup. Cleansing can also be described as ‘it cleans your face like a clear canvas ready for your makeup.’ 


Another one among many beauty tips for winter is toning. If you are a fan of the Korean glass skin makeup look, then you should definitely add toning to your winter-season skincare. Toning minimizes your pores and makes your skin look and appear extremely smooth. You could even add this to your diary of glowing skin tips during winter. Toning also helps in preventing whiteheads and blackheads. Toning is the best way to prep your skin before makeup. We suggest the Iba 3 in 1 Rose Water Toner. 


Skincare during winter is essential and hydration is another major winter face care tip! Hydration makes your skin look subtle and bouncy which adds to your natural winter glow. This also adds to your list of winter makeup tips for dry skin. The best product for hydration is a skin serum. If you have dry skin then we suggest that you go for an oil-based serum. This deeply moisturizes and preps your skin before your makeup. 


The next awesome winter makeup tip for oily skin is to use a primer before you begin your makeup. Your primer preps your skin before makeup and creates a film between your skin and your makeup and makes it last longer. Your primer is one of the best winter makeup products that you can get your hands on. So never ever skip on your primer. The best primer to pick would be the Iba Photo Perfect HD Primer. 

Foundation & Moisturizer

The next winter makeup tip for a flawless and glowing dewy base is to mix your foundation cream with a light-based moisturizer so that your skin gets another extra boost of hydration with a hint of skin tint to make your skin glow with a natural freshness. This is one of the best glowing skin tips for winter and also for every season if you have dry skin. This trick also helps in blending your makeup well and prevents it from turning patchy. Your foundation is a hero product and should be a part of your full makeup kit

Cream blush

This has to be one of the best winter makeup products. If you don’t have a cream blush then you should totally upgrade your makeup kit. A cream blush blends beautifully and sets in like your natural skin. It also doesn’t look fake or made up, but just gives out a beautiful flushed and sun-kissed look. The best thing about cream blush is that it can be used in multiple ways like a lip tint, a colour corrector, an eye shadow tint, or a base, and even as a contour if it has a brownish undertone. For example, the Iba Must Have Lip & Cheek Tint in the shade – timeless mocha. You must absolutely own one cream blush if you don’t have one yet! 

Lip prep before lipstick

Whenever winter sets in, dry lips come along like a free gift! Hence you need to take good care of your lips during winter. Prepping your lips is not only wise but it is also a major essential. Lip balm before your lipstick also makes your lips look and feel absolutely plump and full. Like your lip prep, you can also use your lip balm to remove tough matte lipsticks gently. Using a lip balm as a remover is extremely gentle on the lips and also removes tough matte pigments and non-transfer lipstick without harming your lips. 

Double cleansing 

As a part of your winter season skincare and post-makeup skincare, double cleansing is a great regime to follow. All you need to do is, in the first step take a makeup-removing balm that is oil-based and massage all over your face to get rid of tough and long-lasting makeup products. This is to melt away all your makeup and remove it gently without drying your skin. If you don’t have a makeup-removing balm then you can use micellar water. And your second step would be to cleanse your face with a gentle face wash. This will ensure that your makeup is thoroughly cleansed and no impurities are left behind. After these two steps, your skin will be all clean and free from makeup.  The Iba Vitamin C Facewash would be great pick!