Top 10 Makeup Essentials to pack in your travel kit

Top 10 Makeup Essentials to pack in your travel kit

Are you someone who would rather skip on a dress or two but will not compromise on carrying your entire vanity box? And definitely would be willing to pay extra for your luggage weight but cannot miss out on a single makeup product from your travel makeup kit. Well, then this blog is just meant for you!

So, let us check out all the travel makeup kit essentials that you actually need to carry, and if you don’t find that one product you carry every time, then know that it has always been a bulky pick. Okay! Let’s get started!


This product is extremely essential to keep your skin well-hydrated and glowing throughout or travel or vacation. A skin serum is a wise pick over a moisturizer because no matter where you travel and whether weather conditions prevail, your serum will take good care of your skin. Moisturizers are heavier in texture and might not work well if you are traveling to a warmer location. The Iba Skin Glow Power Serum is just perfect for your travel makeup kit which also works as your skin prep. 


Now this one is the most essential goodies that you need to carry in your travel makeup kit. Any travel plan or vacation is incomplete without your sunscreen lotion. You might not be able to fight off your tan completely but at least the harsh sun won’t be able to harm your skin with its strong UV rays. Make sure you carry a light-based sunscreen keeping in mind the weather and climate change of the new location. For this, the Iba SPF 50 Invisible Sunscreen would be a great pick with its super light texture and water-based formula. If you don’t have it yet, then you can buy sunscreen online and start packing!


If you are someone who likes to keep their makeup simple and natural then one concealer is all you need to carry in your makeup kit for travel. Just cleanse your face well and hydrate well with your serum and sunscreen. And next, just apply your concealer under your eyes, on your nose bridge, around your mouth, on your forehead, and a little on your lids, and if you have any spots of blemishes then just apply tiny dots over them. Let your concealer set for a few seconds and then start blending. Once you’re done, your holiday makeup base is complete. This is all you need to carry as a part of your travel makeup essentials. We highly recommend the Iba Must-Have Waterproof Concealer.

BB Cream or a foundation

Now if I were you then I would completely skip carrying my foundation in my travel makeup kit and make it a tad bit lighter. But it’s okay if you want to carry it. Make sure you pick tube packaging instead of bottle packaging because that will make your travel bag lighter. We highly recommend the Iba Must Have Waterproof Liquid Foundation available in 5 shades. This foundation comes in nice travel-friendly tube packaging which is great. These foundation creams are also very long-lasting and waterproof which makes them a great pick for a vacation trip. This is one of the best makeup for traveling.

Lip Cheek Tint

What’s even a vacation without a little sun kiss? So, here’s your next little buddy for your vacation makeup essentials. The best part about picking a Lip & Cheek tint is that you don’t really need to carry lipstick and your entire makeup combo unless you absolutely want to. This amazing tint also works like a long-stay lipstick. Your lip and cheek tint will work like magic in many ways like – a colour corrector, a blush, an eye shadow, and your lip colour. If you are looking for a cute and tiny ‘dabba’ then we say that you go for the Iba Must Have Lip & Cheek which comes in tiny packaging. 


This one right here isn’t really a major travel makeup essential, but if your highlighter comes in tiny packaging then you can surely pop it into your travel makeup kit. This is one product that should be a part of your complete makeup kit.  The cool thing about your highlighter is that you can use it to elevate your regular look which means that you can totally shimmer up for your party evenings. And if you are looking for something subtle and not too shiny then you can totally pick on the Iba Must Have Highlighter which gives you the right amount of glow and shine. 


Here’s another tiny little bomb that you totally need to carry in your travel makeup kit which is not only going to change your entire look but will also save you from looking tired and dull after a long night of partying and fun. If you have your kajal, then you wouldn’t need any other eye makeup products. You can also use your kajal to double up as your smokey eye makeup product by smudging it and trusting the process. Don’t worry if it looks all smudgy and black in the beginning, just keep blending and you’ll have beautiful smoky eyes. You can finish it off with your waterproof eyeliner. The best kajal for this would be, the Iba All Day Kohl Kajal which not only gives a beautiful dark pigmented finish but also blends like a dream. 

A compact powder

A compact powder is absolutely handy for your makeup kit for travel as well as for your purse. A compact powder is great for your makeup touch-up and overall fresh look. This product is also a great product for setting your makeup and giving it a matte finish. You can try out the Iba Must Have Velvet Matte Compact powder. 

A facewash

An absolute vacation makeup essential that you definitely need for your travels. A vacation means trips, travels, outings, treks, and lots of fun. But that also means that your skin has been exposed to all the pollution, dust, and grime. So, to take care of your skin well, you need to make sure that your skin is well-cleansed every time you come back to your room. Get a facewash that cleanses your skin well and also gently exfoliates it as you wash your face. The Iba Vitamin C Face Wash is a great option because it is infused with hyaluronic acid and gentle exfoliating beads.

A lip balm

Your lip balm should surely be there in your makeup travel set. The best thing about your lip balm is that it hydrates your lips and you can also use it with your lip tint for a nice glossy finish. No matter what weather or climate, you should always have your lip balm in handy. 

And lastly as a part of your makeup bag essentials, don’t forget to carry your favourite perfumes for that extra burst of energy and freshness!