How to Choose the Right Lipstick For Your Outfit

How to Choose the Right Lipstick For Your Outfit

Love for makeup, fashion, and outfits go hand in hand. And this blog is exactly about that! Your outfit is complete only when your makeup compliments and completes your look. Getting your hands on the perfect outfit is great, but picking a lipstick that compliments your outfit and your complexion is absolutely gold. So let’s check out how to find lipstick shades that suit your skin tone as well as your outfit.

How to find the perfect lip shade?

Buying lipstick online can sometimes be tricky because it is difficult to make out the shades. The colours on the screen at times appear different than the real shade. So, we suggest that you look for lipstick shade images that are raw and unedited. This will give you a better idea of the real lipstick shade. But, if you are not someone who likes lipstick shopping online, then visit a store and swatch the lipstick shades directly on your skin. The best way is to swatch it directly on your lips, but if the hygiene condition is not up to the mark, then you can swatch it on your palms. 

Now that you are sorted on how to find the perfect lip shade, let us now check out how to match lipstick with clothes and outfits of your choice.

Floral dresses with pink tone lipsticks

If you are planning for a beautiful beach day or a day out with your girls, we recommend you go for floral prints with pinks, light blues, and lavender undertones. These outfit colour undertones are very pretty and perfect for a summer day out. These options are very feminine and girly which makes it the perfect pick for the daytime. Since this outfit option has beautiful floral and pastel colour options, the perfect match lipstick would be something with a pink undertone or something that has a beautiful bright pink pigment. For this, we can suggest the best lipstick which is also long-stay lipstick. You can try Iba Cosmetics’ Maxx Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shades – Pink Diva, Dreamy Pink, Perky Pink, and Blissful Mocha.

Pastel outfits with red or maroon lipsticks

Nothing works better than a beautiful pastel-coloured outfit. Be it Indian or something Western, a pastel-coloured outfit always works like a dream for any occasion. For example, if you are wearing a light lavender lehenga, the best makeup option for you would be subtle makeup with red lips. If you are wondering how to match lipstick with clothes when wearing a pastel-coloured dress then don’t worry because we have the best lipstick shades sorted for you. You can Iba Cosmetics’ Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade – Perfect Red and Iba Must Have Transfer Proof Ultra Matte Lipstick – Dinner Date and Nikkah Red. These transfer-proof lipsticks are really great for long wear. 

Dark coloured outfits with nude lipsticks

It is all about the contrast! If you are going to wear dark-coloured clothes then we suggest that you go for nude-coloured lipsticks. A beautiful nude glossy lipstick is all you need to elevate your entire look when you are wearing dark-coloured outfits. For this, you can go for some dramatic eye makeup or smoky eyes completed with a little bit of shimmer. The perfect match lipstick for this look would be the Moisture Rich Lipstick- Glossy Natural. This look idea would also look great with deep maroon outfits or something in a dark grey or a dark navy-blue tone. 

Browns or reds with Indian outfits

If you are wondering how to find the perfect lip shade while wearing Indian outfits, then we have got you covered. The best lipstick shades are anything with a brown or a red undertone when you are dressed in something Indian. These lipstick shades work really well with any kind of makeup because these bring out your beautiful Indian outfit’s charm. The perfect lipstick shades for this outfit choice would be Café Latte, Dinner Date, or Nikkah Red from the Iba Must Have Transfer Proof Ultra Matte Lipstick which is great non-transfer lipstick. Hot Chocolate, Sugar N Spice, Caramel Nude, Burgundy Blush, and Perfect Red from the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range.

Black outfit matches all lipstick shades

If black outfits are your thing no matter what weather, season, or occasion, you might very well know that these outfits work well with any selection of lipstick shades. Be it pretty nude shades, dark browns or burgundy, pretty reds and pinks or you just name it and pick it. Black outfits are so versatile with lipstick shades that even if you buy lipstick online and a different shade comes in, it does not matter. Your black outfit will compliment you well.