Makeup kit essentials for begginers

Makeup Kit Essentials For Beginners - X Must-Have Makeup Products

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10 Must Have Makeup Products

Makeup is fun, but makeup is more fun when it looks flawless and perfect! Every beginner makeup artist’s dream is to learn makeup the right way with the right products. So let’s learn and check out how to build your makeup kit with the right makeup products.

Having the right makeup kit essentials is very important because that is what will help you in achieving the perfect flawless look. So we are going to get you sorted with the best makeup kit for beginners.


So, when you check out makeup products for beginners, make sure you begin with your most important step – cleansing! Make sure you get a good cleanser or a face wash that suits your skin type. You can keep another cleanser that suits all skin types so that when you practice your makeup skills on someone else, you can easily use it on them. You can try Iba’s Youth Preserve Vitamin C face wash.


One important thing to keep in mind while talking about makeup for beginners is that you need to prep and hydrate your skin well. This prepares your skin for makeup and keeps your skin well-hydrated and moisturized. When your skin is well moisturized and hydrated, your makeup looks flawless and does not turn patchy. We recommend two serums here – the Vitamin C Skin Glow Power Serum and the Must Have Insta Glow Pre Makeup Serum.  


A basic makeup kit for beginners must have a primer. Your primer is what makes your makeup look amazing and flawless. Your primer also acts like a film between your skin and makeup, and hence your makeup does not touch your skin directly. Primer also makes your makeup last longer and makes it waterproof as well. The Iba Photo Perfect HD Face Primer works like a dream and is suitable for all skin types.


Foundation is another major must have makeup product for beginners. Your foundation is what builds your base makeup. Make sure your foundation cream suits your skin tone, hence do a swatch test. Avoid picking shades lighter than your skin tone or else it will turn greyish after setting. Similarly, avoid picking shades darker than your skin tone, or else your makeup will look made up. Choose the exact same shade as your skin tone for a seamless natural finish.


Concealer, another basic makeup essential for beginners helps in blurring out marks, and blemishes and also highlights your facial features. Your concealer also works well as your eye makeup base. This trick helps in popping the colours of your eye makeup. Your concealer should definitely be a part of your eye shadow kit. If you are looking for the best and easy-to-use concealer, then you should definitely try Iba’s Must Have Concealer available in two shades.

Compact Powder

This is the most simple and easy to use product that you must have in your makeup kit. Your compact powder is an absolute must because this makeup product helps in setting your makeup and also gives it a matte finish. One hack that you can follow as a beginner using the compact powder is, on a regular day apply primer and top it off with your compact powder. This hack will help you in getting ready in just 5 minutes and also will give you a nice natural glow.


Your blush is what adds colour to your overall look and so it surely is an important makeup product for beginners. Your blush also helps in enhancing your features if you apply it in the right way. For example, if you want a more chiseled look, then apply your blush only around your cheekbones and blend it in an upward direction. If you want your cheeks to look fuller then apply your blush around your lower cheek and blend it in a circular motion. You can pick Iba’s Must Have Lip & Cheek Tint available in 5 awesome shades. You can grab all 5 as a part of your makeup kit essentials.


A full makeup kit for beginners must have a kajal in it because a kajal is something that suits everyone and changes your entire makeup game. You can use your kajal to either define your waterline, use it like an eyeliner or smudge it for an easy smoky eye look. When it comes to basic makeup essentials for beginners, make sure you have at least more than 2 kajal pencils in your makeup kit.


Your eyeliner must be included in your makeup collection because it completes your eye makeup look. As a beginner make sure you play around and practice your eyeliner skills to the fullest. Applying eyeliner on yourself and applying it on someone else is completely different. So, practice as much as you can. For a beginner, Iba’s No Mistake Eyeliner Pen is a great choice.


Lastly, your major makeup kit essential is your lipstick. There is so much that you can do with your lipstick other than just your lip colour. You can use your lipstick for your blush, for your contour, for your eyeshadow base, and also for your colour corrector. Make sure you keep every variety of shade and type of lipstick in your makeup kit. Includes variants like moisture lipstick, matte lipsticks, ultra matte transfer proof lipsticks, and also liquid matte lipsticks. When it comes to shades, keep as many shades as you want. Because you can never have too many shades.

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