Your customised monsoon skincare

Your customised monsoon skincare

Monsoons are amazingly beautiful! The rains, the scent of wet mud and some ‘garam chai’ maybe? Well, all of this sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me!

But, like they say ‘every good thing is never perfect’ and so are monsoons. Monsoons bring along a lot of humidity and that isn’t really a happy ending for your skin.

Humidity makes skin extremely sticky which acts like a huge invitation card for pimples, acne and oily skin. So, it is extremely important to up your skincare game when it comes to taking care of your skin during monsoons.

So, we’re here to help with your very own winter skincare regime. And when it comes to taking care of your skin in a humid weather, a CTM routine works like magic.

CTM is basically, cleanse, tone and moisturise. So here we go;

Monsoon Skincare Routine Step- 1 Cleanse


The first and the foremost step is to make sure that your skin is clean. So cleanse your skin with a mild face wash at least twice a day. If you have extremely oily skin then you can wash your face up to three times a day, but not more than that. The best face wash to beat humidity would be Aloe Aqua Face was & Makeup Remover.

The next step is an extra step for the ones who have open pores. Just take an ice cube and wrap it in some cotton wool and massage on your face and especially around the areas that have large open pores. Do this every time you wash your face, and you’ll surely see results by the 3rd day.

Monsoon Skincare Step-2 Tone


The next step is to tone. Use a mild toner on some cotton wool and gently rub on your face in an upward motion. We tend to skip this step quite often, but if you use a toner regularly it will keep you skin’s pH level in check. When you pH is right, it helps in fighting against acne and pimples.

If you have never used a toner before, then you can try Iba’s Crystal Clear Aloe Vera Serum Toner. This toner is light and can also be used as a serum and the best part is that it has active aloe vera components.

Monsoon Skincare Routine Step -3 Moisturize

This step is hated by most people who have oily skin. And oily skin during monsoons can be really annoying. But guess what? Even oily skin requires moisturisation. The only concern should be on choosing the right moisturizer that shall suite you.

This advise is for everyone, use a gel-based moisturizer during monsoons and especially if you have oily or combination skin. Gel based moisturizers easily soak in to your skin without making it sticky or oily.

We suggest that you try Crystal Clear Skin Tone Perfecting Gel Creme, its light weight, super absorbent and perfect for all skin types.

We wish you a happy winter and a happier skin care this season!