why your skincare routine needs a serum!

Why your skincare routine needs a serum!

Serum! Sounds so elite and high end right guys? Well, it might not be so elite as it sounds, but it’s benefits are surely elite when it comes to taking care of your skin.

If your skincare does not include a serum yet, then you should absolutely go on reading...

First things first, let me tell you how awesome serum is!

There are some things that a serum can do and a moisturizer can’t! For starters; a serum contains active ingredients and is more concentrated than a moisturizer. So, while a moisturizer hydrates, a serum hydrates and treats your skin at the same time. I know this cute little fact here did change your mind a little, go on I have more...

Why Skin Needs Serum

 Well, we aren’t telling you “off with the moisturizer,” but we’re saying “Include that serum NOW!” The best way to apply serum is after cleansing your face on absolutely clean skin. Damp skin is best for a serum to work, but if you have sensitive skin, then let your skin dry well first. Your skin absorbs serum better than a moisturizer any given day.

The best to apply any product or serum is to wait between two products. Let the serum soak in dry off on your skin, and then go in for your second product or makeup. You wouldn’t want your active ingredients to be mixed and lose its benefits. So remember this is important!

Iba Skin Serum

The best way to lock in your serum and letting it do its magic is by applying a layer of moisturizer or maybe a primer if you’re going for makeup. This will lock in your serum better and show up it’s true magic!

So, hope your convinced that your missing serum is actually your missing genie in a bottle that’s been waiting to grant all your skincare wishes till now! You’re welcome!