Fair Skin In India & the World

Every fairness cream in the world seems to imply that without it, one’s life is less successful, fruitful or eventful! While this is a commercial take on the best fairness cream, the phenomenon of “fair skin tone” is one which is given a lot of importance throughout the world.

In Western countries, fair skin was considered dainty, sophisticated, of a certain social standing as that meant that the lady in question had never soiled her hands with work or toiled out in the sun. Even in medieval times, face skin whitening cream existed albeit containing a lot of harmful chemicals since people at that time did not know better. It is no wonder then that fair skin is associated with the concept of “beauty” by default.

In India, fairness has long been the hallmark of purity, beauty and often been associated with greater success in the marital department - especially for women. It is, however, interesting to note that the most common skin tone in India is medium brown skin tone - 70% Indians sport varying shades of this skin tone while only about 30% can actually be described as “fair skinned”. This fascination (bordering on obsession, really) has now even extended to men - it is now pretty commonplace to see a mens fairness cream commercial on TV alongside a fairness cream for women.

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