Why you need to try breathable nail colors?

Why you need to try breathable nail colors?

Did you know? Just like your skin, even your nails require exposure to oxygen and water in order to remain healthy. We all know what would happen to our body if we don’t get oxygen or water. Applying regular nail polish on your nails is pretty much like trapping and allowing them to get suffocated. Those nail enamels may look really pretty but that’s just on the outside (Yup. All that glitters isn’t gold).

Here’s what regular nail colors do:

Regular nail polish is made up of very tight molecular bonds, like straight lines stacked directly on top of each other. Wearing such nail polish means that the nails are covered in a non-porous film because of which they turn dry and brittle. When your nails are unable to breathe, they start getting weak, chipped, and yellow. Moreover, these enamels contain multiple chemicals, toxins plus alcohol (you do realize that you even eat with those hands, right?).

Here’s how to keep your nails healthy and colorful at the same time:

The answer is simple. Let your nails breathe. This can only be possible with the help of air and water permeable nail polishes which are – Breathable Nail Colors. Iba Cosmetics is the first-ever brand in India to have introduced such a range of nail colors that allows air and water to pass through the nail’s surface. This French formula has molecules suspended in a brick-like pattern. When the colored nails are rubbed, the suspended molecules move just enough space to allow water particles to pass through. The same way, moisture also escapes, leaving the nails dry and clean.

Here’s why you need to try Iba Cosmetics’ Breathable Nail Colors:

  1. For your nails to stay healthy

Nails don’t literally breathe but when water and oxygen are blocked from coming in contact with nails, they get weakened. They receive hydration from natural oils which also keep them flexible. Iba’s water permeable formula allows the natural movement of oils. It is also Argan oil enriched which makes nails healthy, long and strong.

  • They are certified and safe

Iba Breathable Nail Colors are PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free. These lovely shades are free from all harmful toxins as well as chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, acetone, phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate or gluten. This means, they are 100% safe to use.

  1. Super easy application

With Breathable Nail Colors, you don’t have to apply a base coat! *phew* Since water is supposed to reach the nail bed, a base coat isn’t required through the process. All you have to do is, choose your favorite color (that can be a little tricky because you’ll fall for each one of them) and then simply apply it. For best results, we suggest you to use Iba’s breathable Argan Oil Top Coat or Perfect Matte Top Coat.

  • They Dry quickly and last long

YES! It’s true. Iba Breathable Nail Colors let air penetrate through your nail polish which is why, when applied, they dry really quickly. No more waiting and no more smudging! Plus, you can finally have a beautiful manicure that’ll last for a good long time without being worried about your nail color getting chipped.

  • Muslim Women can use them

Nail polishes are pretty much off-limits for Muslims as they are required to perform Wuzu (cleansing activity) which is a pre-prayer ritual that includes washing feet and other specific parts of the body including fingernails with water. Regular nail colors prevent water from making contact with the nail’s surface. Hence, they either have to remove it before each prayer or not apply nail polish at all.

The air and water permeable formula of Iba Breathable Nail Colors allows water to make contact with the nails during wuzu (rub well with water for 30 seconds). Thus, these nail colors are a great option for Muslim women who wish to apply nail colors without worrying about their prayers.

These Breathable Nail Colors by Iba Cosmetics are Halal certified by IHI Alliance, Saudi Arabia. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UK, and USA have approved them saying that Iba’s Nail Colors are completely ‘Wuzu friendly’.

So … what would you like? Toasted Almond or Spicy Mustard, Red Velvet or Plum Cake (no, they aren’t items on a bakery menu) - this is just a glimpse of Iba’s wide range of Breathable Nail Colors that you can find on Nykaa, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Snapdeal.com, as well as on Iba’s exclusive website Iba Cosmetics.

Stay colorful!

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