Micellar water? yes, please!

Micellar water? yes, please!

Swoosh it…blush it…and then wipe it! Oh, the sweet vicious circle of makeup on and makeup off is one never-ending drama that shall go on forever in any makeup lovers' life!

Isn’t it just harsh to treat your skin with all that makeup and then go on scrub-a-dub with all those removers, cleansers & creams? Nah not a good follow up at all! So, here’s a new revolution and that’s none other than micellar water!

Yes, that’s the one that you’ve been hearing all around you… “it’s so great…it removes makeup with a swipe…it’s just fantastic!”  well, is it really?

Well, well! Micellar waterr isn’t a new concept at all, in fact it dates back to the French Revolution. Yes! It is that historical. Curious? Let us explain…During the French Revolution, there was a lack of fresh water for drinking, and hence washing face with clean water was like a distant dream. The water that was left was too harsh to be used on the skin or use normally for any other purpose at all. And, that’s when micellar water came into the rescue!

Micellar water is made up of micelles suspended in soft water that attract dirt and oil. The idea behind micellar water is to basically attract dirt, oil and draw out all the impurities from the skin and also remove makeup with ease and gentleness. Micellar water works much better than soaps and other cleansers as it is free from any form of harmful sulfate, paraben or chemicals.

Top-selling beauty brands have caught on the micellar water trends and introduced this bottle of goodness, and Iba is definitely on the same page as well.

With technology and fancy soaps in the market, micellar water fell to the wayside. But you know just like fashion, makeup trends also runs on like “what goes around comes around.” And, now once again micellar water has become that one essential part of a makeup lover’s pouch!

The best thing about micellar water is that it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin because it is so gentle and hydrating. Unlike the toners and makeup removers infused with alcohol available in the market, micellar water is much simpler and definitely way more hydrating.

So, dear makeup lover divas and dolls get your on hands-on this genie of a bottle ASAP!!!

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