5 Foods that boost your natural collagen

5 Foods that boost your natural collagen

You know your mommy was right! Confused? Well, yes every time she bugged you while forcing you to eat your greens and berries while promising you with glowing cheeks and skin, she was always right!

That’s right folks, you might not have realised that diet plays a vital role in your health and skin’s well-being. Glowing skin and blushing cheeks could be makeup-made, but nothing beats it when you can flaunt your natural healthy skin.

You can drop by at a spa or a skin treatment centre to get acid peel, or even use makeup to cover up. There’s nothing wrong in these treatments, just that it burns a big deep hole in your pockets!

Well, the good news that we bring to you here is that, you can save all your bucks by eating certain selective foods that would help your body produce its natural anti-ageing protein, i.e. collagen.

Collagen is present in the skin, muscle, bone and connective tissue. It plays a vital role in joint health, maintaining skin health and elasticity. As we get older, our body gradually produces less collagen.

Hence, it is extremely important to give your body the ingredients that it needs to keep your hair, skin & nails healthy, glowing and strong.

Let’s check out a few ingredients which work as collagen foods that you need to add to your diet right away;

Red bell peppers

Vitamin C is of the prime ingredients that boost in collagen formation. We know that you’re aware of anything citrusy is full of Vitamin C, but don’t underestimate these red bell peppers. Red bell peppers are a high source of Vitamin C. We aren’t being unfair to the yellow or green bell peppers, just that the red ones are super ripe and the older the pepper, the higher Vitamin C it holds, hence making it perfect and more useful for your collagen factory.


Tomatoes? Yes please! Tomatoes are another source of high Vitamin C, especially the sun dried ones. Tomatoes also contain antioxidant lycopene. Confused? Well, these are the ingredients that is known to protect skin from sun damage and collagen breakdown.

So now you know that you could just toss them in your salads, your pasta or just squeeze out some juice. Cherry tomatoes could make an awesome snack as well


Berries! Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries...just any berries! Bring them on! Berries are super yummm and contain an awesome dose of Vitamin C that could work like magic for your skin. Berries also contain ellagic acid which fights against UV ray damage.

Citrus fruits

A fun fact about Vitamin C – this nutrient is what helps in linking amino acids during collagen production. You must have thought up till now that citrus fruits are the kings and queens of Vitamin C. But, other fruits and veggies have been found to carry more of it.

But, hold on! One medium – sized orange has about 70mg of Vitamin C. That is quite respectable considering the recommended daily value for an adult woman.

Leafy dark greens

“Finish your greens!” said mommy. And, like we said earlier, mommy was right. Greens like spinach, kale, collard greens, and any type of leafy greens are known for carrying all sorts of nutrients – including the oh-so-awesome Vitamin C.The nutrient that makes these veggies green is just as important in keeping your skin healthy.

“So time to flip away those fries and get on that healthy bowl of salads going!”

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