Makeup for everyday wear

Makeup for everyday wear

If you are someone who tends to wear make up on a daily basis, then girl you need to keep it simple and elegant. Because this look isn’t just amazing but it also means lesser layers of makeup. Less makeup also means that your skin is happily breathing! 

But, just like me, you also might have a few common questions regarding your skin care and make up. These questions tend to occur in every girl’s mind who needs to get ready every single day be it for work or just for herself. Let’s attend to these very common questions once and for all! 

What should be my daily skincare routine? 

Your daily skincare routine should combine a CTM regime. Basically, cleansing – toning – moisturizing. These three steps are sure to take care of your skin every day. Cleansing helps in removing dirt, oil, grime and pollution. It deeply cleanses your skill and helps in keeping pimples and acne at bay. Toning helps in minimizing and tightening your pores. This helps in reducing the chances of blackheads and whiteheads. Lastly, moisturizing helps in hydrating your skin from within. Moisturizing also helps in keeping away wrinkles and fine lines. No matter the type of skin – oily, normal or dry, moisturizing your skin cannot be skipped. If you do not moisturize your skin then your skin will lose its natural elasticity and will start ageing before time. 

The Iba CTM combo would be a perfect pick for this skincare ritual as it has all the three products needed for all the 3 steps in this regime. 

Is it okay to apply makeup every day? 

The answer is a BIG YES! But yep, there is a ‘but’… “only if you do it the right way with the right products!” The best everyday makeup routine is – you begin with your CTM skincare regime and then start with your makeup. For a flawless simple makeup, begin with primer to blur out your pores and blemishes and a long-lasting makeup. Since, this one is one of those natural everyday makeup looks, you can either go for a BB Cream or just your concealer only. You can skip on your foundation to avoid looking gaudy on a casual work day. Add a little bit of blush on your cheek bones and on your nose for a fresh sun-kissed look. Tame your brows and finish off with your kajal and mascara. And, if you are wearing an Indian outfit then don’t forget your bindi for a complete desi look! 

What is the most basic makeup routine? 

The most basic makeup would be something that is minimal, makes you look fresh and comfortable at the same time. So, you can start off with your skincare routine and then apply your sunscreen if you are stepping out. Secondly, apply your primer to make your makeup last long enough throughout the day. Your daily makeup routine for oily skin would need just a concealer to cover up your marks and pigmentation and for normal or dry skin a BB cream is all you’ll need. Next step would be to use a cream blush for your cheek bones and your nose for a flushed fresh look. A cream blush is a great option for long time daily wear because it lasts much longer than a powder blush. Once your blush and base is done, set your makeup with a compact powder or a loose powder. This little step sets your makeup well and also helps it last longer. This will not only set your makeup perfectly, but it will also make your makeup last longer. Lastly, wear matte lipstick to complete your entire look. Matte lipsticks are great for daily wear as they last long and does not transfer. 

These easy to do makeup tricks work really well for your daily work wear, casual outings, grocery runs or even a day out with your girls!

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