Short Hair Hairstyles for Indian Brides & Bridesmaids

Short Hair Hairstyles for Indian Brides & Bridesmaids

Like Selena Gomes says, “Who says you’re not perfect?” and we totally agree girl! If you have been stressed and worried that your otherwise rocking short hair wouldn’t look great on your wedding day or on your bestie’s wedding day then you are completely wrong. You can totally ace your short hair in multiple ways and we have the best solutions for you ladies! 

For the Bride 

False bun with fresh flowers

If you are one of those brides who always wanted a pretty bun with fresh flowers then we have the perfect solution for you. Just get a false puff which is light & won’t droop, from your hairstylist. This is unlike a false bun with fake hair, rather this is like a big rubber band that goes around your ponytail and is covered with your own hair. So basically, you have your very own bun with your own hair. You can complete your look with fresh flowers matching your outfit and color or you can go for the traditional red roses that would complement any Indian bridal look.

Extensions with sequins

This look is just perfect for brides on their haldi day, or a cocktail evening. This look works really well for brides who have short hair as well as thin hair. You can ask your hairstylist to bring in a few hair extensions that match your hair color. This will not only enhance your hair in volume but it will also give your entire look a nice bounce. Once your extensions are done, you can add in a few sequins clips that will change your entire hairstyle to something really elegant and fancy.

Half pinned with flowers

This hairstyle is extremely simple, easy to do and looks very elegant. Just brush your hair back & part it into two sections. Take your upper section and pin it in half. And your hairstyle is complete. It is that simple! To give this uber simple look an elevated makeover, add in a generous amount of baby’s breath flowers over your clips. This entire look will give you a nice fairytale vibe. This hairstyle is just perfect for Christian bridals as well as for brides on their haldi or sangeet functions. 

Matha Patti or Tiaras for the win!

Now this look would be perfect for brides whose hair length is just below their ears. Make a middle parting and brush out your hair on both sides. Now make two sections aligning to your ear and separate them. Take the front section and brush it backwards while twisting it a little bit, and pin it sidewise towards the back of your head. Replicate the same process on the opposite side. Finish off by wearing your Matha Patti if you are an Indian bride or a tiara if you’re a Christian bride. This hairstyle is rather simple but your jewellery will make it look absolutely exquisite. 

For the Bridesmaids 

Twisties with flowers

Bridesmaids look absolutely exotic in this hairstyle. All you will need is a few clips and baby’s breath flowers. Start by sectioning your hair in two sections aligning your ear. Now take the section on your right side and make smaller sections while brushing it backwards. Begin twisting these smaller sections and pin them one by one on the back of your head. Ditto on the other side. Once your twisties are complete your half look is already done. Make at least four twisties on each side for a complete elegant finish. Now, cover up your clips with baby’s breath flowers to give your entire hairstyle a new makeover. 

Back brush with a mang tika

There is nothing more elegant than a bridesmaid wearing Indian clothes on her best friend’s wedding. If you have short hair and you are confused what you are going to do with it while you wear an Indian ensemble, then fret not! Just back brush your hair with a little bit of serum or hair cream to give your look a sleek finish. Middle part your hair just on the front and place your maang tika. You can also use a few small bobby pins to secure your sides and your mang tika to keep it in place. 

One sided parting with embellished clips

This hairstyle is so simple that you could be your own hairstylist. All you will need is an embellished clip that you could maybe purchase from the market or even online. Next you will need your hair brush and comb to partition. Make a nice clean side parting and brush it well. The section with lesser hair needs to be pinned behind your ears and that is where you will clip your embellished hair clip or clips. The section with more hair needs to be left free for a nice elegant yet a casual look. 

Soft curls all the day

If you have short and straight hair that falls on your neck then this look is sure to change your entire get up. Just ask your stylist to give you soft curls from mid-way till the end. This will not only frame your face delicately but it will also give you neat-looking hair. Avoid curling your hair from the top because that might make your hair look messy and that is not what you would want if you are a bridesmaid. You can section your hair in whatever way you want, your curls will be the star and make you look like a showstopper anyway!

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