10 Most Useful Makeup Techniques

10 Most Useful Makeup Techniques

Makeup! A girl’s childhood best friend who has seen her grow from a lip balm to a lipstick, seen her cry out her mascara and kept all the concealer splurges a secret! Makeup, it is that one word that is enough to change a girl’s mood and elevate her energy to another level when it comes to makeup shopping. 

Some girls do make up just for fun, some do it to feel confident, while some do it to hide their scars, and some do it to look their perfect best on their big day. No matter what the maker is for, knowing the right technique and what suits your face best is very important. The right professional makeup technique will elevate your entire look. So let us check out a few makeup techniques for beginners. 

  1. Eye makeup instructions

The right makeup for your eyes makes all the difference to your entire look. So, knowing the right eye makeup technique is very important. Make sure you do your base properly. Start by prepping your eyelids with a color corrector if you have pigmented or dark eye lids. Next, use a concealer lighter than your skin tone. This makes sure your color corrector is in place, but it will also help enhance the color of the eyeshadow applied over it. After your concealer is set, take a flat brush and start tapping in the color of your choice. Next you can take a fluffy brush and start blending your colors as you desire. Finish off with an eyeliner liner if you wish and apply kajal on your water line. Complete it with neatly applied mascara and your eye makeup is done! 

  1. Makeup technique for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are more common than you think. Hooded eyes require a different kind of makeup technique for the difference in shape and appearance. For hooded eyes, if you are going in for winged liners then it is advisable for you to do it with open eyes. Start by making and upward arch aiming towards your brow and then pull it back to the center of your eye lid making a small triangle. Now, you need to fill up this triangle with your liner and your perfect wings are done. Similarly, for any kind of eye makeup application or eyeshadow, make sure you do it with open eyes to get the right precision. 

  1. Makeup techniques for over 50

No matter how many anti-ageing products you use, your skin will age. Hence, make up application for a young skin is absolutely different from a casual make up for someone over the age of 50. For older skin, you need to take more time for prepping which needs to include a lot of hydrating products. Starting of with a water-based serum is a great choice and then moving on to a primer that would not only blur out pores but also wrinkles. For someone above the age of 50, a makeup look that is subtle and yet looks elegant is a perfect choice. This also means that there will be less of makeup application and more of elegance. Nude lips with kohl eyes work well for a western look and subtle nude eyes with warm lips come together well for an Indian look. 

  1. Advanced makeup techniques

In this segment we will be talking about make up techniques that are rather professional and need to be learned under professional guidance. Advanced make up techniques include understanding of the color palette, skin tone differences, skin texture differences, facial shapes and product knowledge. These subjects cannot be completed under a single segment because these topics are included in a professional make up course that can last up to a month or at least 3 months. Advanced make up techniques also include HD makeup, airbrush makeup as well as make up using luxury brands. 

  1. Makeup techniques for brushes

Did you know that there are more than 30 types of makeup brushes available in the market? But, if we narrow it down for you then you need to know about 16 specific make up brushes. To master the technique of using make up brushes flawlessly needs a lot of practice. If you are a beginner then we suggest that you get a flat eye make up brush, a fluffy eye makeup brush, a brush for your blush and a brush for your foundation. These four brushes are good enough for you to start practicing. Once you feel confident you can go in for contour brushes, blending brushes, eyeliner brush, powder brush, spoolie or a brush, and a highlighter brush. The best way to learn is to take guidance from a professional at least for once or twice as you begin, or rather practice daily if possible, to get your hands smoother each day. 

  1. Dewy base with soft eyes

Once you are well aware of all the makeup techniques, it is equally important to know what look would suit your client. This particular look with a dewy base and soft eyes is ideal for someone who is attending a wedding or a function. This Shloka is highly recommended for people who have dry skin, because dewy base will keep your skin well hydrated. This look is also perfect for the coming winter season because you can use your favorite winter moisturizer and you don’t have to worry about your skin feeling dry. 

  1. Bridal gold eyes with red lips

There is nothing classier and more elegant than a bright weight shimmery golden eyes and bright red lips. This is a typical Indian bridal look that compliments any Indian bridal attire from a sari to a Lehenga. This make up look is suitable for brides wait fair to medium and warm skin tones. You can always choose between your favorite tone of red to brighten up your face and be a boss bride on your special day! 

  1. Smoky eyes with nude lips

This look with smoky eyes and nude lips is for someone with oval or round face. This look is incomplete without contouring for a complete chiseled look. The best part about this look is that it works extremely well with any outfit be it western or Indian. This is the perfect look any bride can go for, for her cocktail evening, haldi, mehendi or even her big day. To elevate this look you can use a little bit of lip gloss for your bride’s nude lips, and she will be ready to rock her day. 

  1. Arabian bridal with bold eyes

This look is just perfect for someone with sharp features because this look will only elevate her already pretty features. This look requires special attention for the brides I make up which is combination of smoky eyes with a hint of colour and shimmer finished off with bold winged liner and falsies groomed in with a good mascara. This look is nothing less than royalty because this Arabian bridal look will make you feel like a princess. Be generous on your highlighter because more the glow, the most stunning you will look. Going for a bright bold lipstick, preferably red for a complete Arabian bridal feel! 

  1. Contemporary bride with subtle eyes

This look is just perfect for the new age bride, and to talk of it the new brides highly prefer this look. This look is a beautiful blend of shimmer, color and a pop of dark boldness for the eyes. Be it a contemporary gown or an elegant lehenga, this look is just like magical blend that brings in the entire look together.  

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