9 Different Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

9 Different Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

Shaadi season is officially here! It is time to gear up with all the wedding outfits, makeup and jewellery. You might have been getting ready and looking your best every Shaadi season but did you know that all the different makeup looks that you have been creating have a different name to it. Every wedding occasion or a function requires different makeup styles. But, if you haven’t tried different looks, this is your chance to read about and check out all the different makeup looks for different occasions. Let us now check out a few of the best types of makeup and also the best types of bridal makeup names and different kinds of makeup styles for the upcoming wedding season.

1. Indian Bridal look with smoky-shimmer eyes

Indian weddings are incomplete without a little bit of shimmer and color. Indian weddings are all about culture and its rich and colorful history. A typical Indian bride looks her best in a gorgeous red lehenga or a sari. This traditional attire is well complimented with a type of makeup that includes smoky shimmery eyes and bold lips. Adorned with all the Indian jewellery including big earrings, a mathapatti or a maang tika compliments have tired look. An Indian bride looks amazing in any shade of lehenga but a gorgeous red lehenga brings out her true bridal spirit.

2. Haldi Bridal look with a pop of color

Haldi is undoubtedly the most fun occasion in our big fat Indian weddings! In most haldi functions the theme of the occasion is always yellow to match the vibrant color of the turmeric. The bride is usually seen wearing something bright and yellow along with jewellery made of flowers. For such a fun and popping look, the makeup should also have a fun pop of color. You can you choose anything from a pink eyeshadow to a purple eyeshadow or even something as bold as green. But make sure your lips remain nude so that your entire looks comes together. The best advice to a bride for her haldi function is that. Try and do your own makeup because once your royal entry is complete, you will be smothered with all the haldi and your makeup will be gone. You will now be officially marinated with turmeric for your big day!

3. Mehendi Bridal look

Mehendi is both nostalgic and fun when the wedding feeling actually sinks in. This is the day when the bride gets her hands covered with henna for her big day. A bridal mehendi is usually quite intense and goes up beyond your arms as well as your feet. This means that you have to remain in a certain position until your mehendi is completely dry so that you don’t spoil it. This means that along with looking your best, you also need to feel comfortable on this day. The best makeup look for your mehendi evening would be to go for a classic smoky eye with a hint of color matching your outfit. And as for your lips pick a tinted lip balm for a colored lip gloss to keep you hydrated. Apply a little bit of blush and finish off with your highlighter. This look is not just simple but it will also be extremely comfortable for you to carry throughout the evening.

4. Sangeet Bridal look with bright lips

Sangeet is basically the Indian version of a cocktail night cum bachelorette in a more traditional way. This function is all about having fun, dancing and more dancing. For this evening it would be great for the bride to go for makeup products that are waterproof and sweat proof so that she looks perfect throughout the evening. Since all eyes will be on the bride, she needs to look her royal best and for this, going in for subtle eyes with shimmers and falsies would look amazing. Finishing off with bright and bold lips is surely a winner.This is a great chance to opt for different eye makeup looks.

5. Wedding guest makeup look

Weddings can be fun and it is even more fun to get ready for one! But remember, you are not the bride, you are a guest and hence avoid going overboard with your makeup. Wear something Indian if possible, nothing works better than Indian for a wedding guest look. And for your makeup, keep it simple and elegant. You can add a little drama by applying kohl on your water line and finish off by tight lining. Go for a little bit of shimmer eyeshadow and then complete it with a dramatic winged eyeliner. For your lips, go for a bold matte shade so that it lasts you throughout the evening. For that extra innocent yet dramatic finish, go in for a tiny bindi to complete your entire look.

6. Bridesmaid look for Indian wedding

A bridesmaid? Well, you are going to have almost equal eyes on You as the bride. And so, you need to look your absolute best. If your other bridesmaids have kept a theme then make sure you sync in well with them. While you look your best, make sure you don’t go to over the top. When it comes to makeup for the bridesmaid, make sure you keep it elegant and yet glamorous. Keep your hair open or maybe a half tie with curls. Don’t forget your bindi along with your jhumkis for the complete Indian bridal vibe.

7. Bridesmaid look for Christian wedding

The tradition of having bridesmaids at a wedding began with Christian weddings. The concept of bridesmaids has always existed in Christian weddings because a Christian bride has always been known to wear big fluffy gowns in the past with a long train which needed help from the bridesmaids. When it came to makeup for the Christian bride made, it has always known to be something very subtle and yet elegant, almost like a no makeup-makeup look. A traditional Christian bridesmaid would go in for nude eyes with a little bit of shimmer, blush with highlighter and a pretty nude lipstick with peachy or pink undertones. This is the ideal Christian bride made look.

8. No makeup-makeup look for any occasion

If you have a wedding function or any occasion for that matter, the no makeup-makeup look is always a winner. You will need the least number of products and yet look your amazing best. Apply a little bit of BB cream all over your face and finish off with a concealer on areas where you have a little bit of pigmentation or darker undertone. Next, tame your brows and apply a little bit of a nude eyeshadow on your lids. Be generous for your blush and as for your lipstick go in for a beautiful nude shade. Your makeup is all done and complete. If you are someone who cannot do without kajal, then by all means go and do up your water line.

9. Makeup look for newly wedded bride

A bride’s duty is not complete on the day of a wedding, she needs to look her pretty best at least for the next 10 days in her new house with her in-laws. Because in a typical Indian household there will be guests coming in to meet the pretty new bride for at least another month. So, as a newlywed bride you need to look your best at all times. Wearing makeup every day might be a little over the top but make sure you apply a little bit of concealer for that extra brightness, apply your kajal on your waterline and also you can use it like a liner for a quick precise look. Apply your blush for a nice fresh look every single day and as for your lipstick go in for red, your mom in law will love you for that if she is one of those traditional Indian mother-in-laws. Don’t forget your red sindoor, this might sound a little too conventional but your red sindoor always looks extremely pretty on a newlywed bride.

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