Iba All Day Kohl Kajal: the best always!

Iba All Day Kohl Kajal: the best always!

Are you even Indian, if you don’t feel complete without your kajal. Kajal, is and will always be an Indian girl’s best friend no matter what her outfit looks like or how much make up she has worn. 

Kajal, is that one makeup a product that has existed since a very long time. It has existed from the times of ancient beginnings. If you go back to history, you will find ancient queens like Cleopatra mentioning about black kohl for her eyes. But these versions of Kajal where extremely harmful for the eyes as they were made from ingredients like cool, burnt chemicals and harmful products like burnt ashes. 

Kajal has a lot of significance in the Indian society. In most parts of India, babies are adorned sweat a spot of Kajal to ward off evil eye. Not just this, in certain societies even men wear Kajal as a part of their culture. 

But when it comes to this generation, Kajal is more of a signature statement. This also means that you need to pick the best Kajal ever. The makeup industry and market of today have a variety of Kajal and other make up products to offer from various brands. The question is how to pick the best Ghazal among all the options available. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out in picking the best Kajal available in India. And for that we have for, the Iba All Day Kohl Kajal. This Kajal is sure to make you fall in love with it the very first time you try it. This is the best smudge proof Kajal you will ever find in the recent market. 

What makes the Iba All Kohl Kajal awesome is that along with making your eyes look pretty, it also takes very good care of your eyes. This Kajal is also waterproof which makes it a perfect pick if you are going to wear for the entire day. If we’ve said this once, we will say it again: this Kajal will take care of your eyes. Because this Kajal is infused with the goodness of jojoba oil, chamomile extracts and avocado extracts. This Kajal is also free from harmful chemicals and parabens, which makes it an amazing choice for people who wear contact Lens or have sensitive eyes. 

If I had to give you an honest review, then I would say that this Kajal easily qualifies as a single stroke application formula. This is just perfect for all occasions, festivals or even your normal work day which demands you to look perfect and vibrant all day. The best part about this Kajal is that it is vegan, cruelty free and Halal certified and a dream Kajal for sensitive eyes. Which makes it a suitable option for everyone out there. 

The intense black pigment of this Kajal makes it a great choice for your eyeliner as well. And in case you feel like being a little more creative, then you can use this Kajal to blend and smudge in to a nice smoky look. 

To give you a little more surety, this Kajal has also been dermatologically tested which makes it extremely safe for you to try and surely fall in love with it. So, go on and grab this awesome Kajal already!

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