Top 5 Diwali Makeup Tips for a gorgeous look

Top 5 Diwali Makeup Tips for a gorgeous look

Diwali, the festival of lights is here with its lights, colors, awesome food and parties! Getting together with near and dear ones is so important and needed during these auspicious days. And all these awesome parties also mean that, there will be a lot of dress-up game and makeup. So, let’s get you sorted with few of the best Diwali makeup look for 2022!

Nude eyes and bold lips

Let’s begin with one of the best Diwali make up look that you could nail this year. This Diwali make up look is suitable for all skin tones, and is sure to make you look like a bomb this Diwali. Make sure your base is absolutely perfect for this make up look and be very generous about your blush. Since this make up look demands nude eyes, make sure you do your eyebrows really well and make them as neat and full as possible. Apply a little bit of mascara for that extra statement look. To finish it off, pick a nice bold lip color like ‘date night’ or ‘Nikkah red.’ This will make your entire face bright and the popping red color will enhance your entire look. Add to that, this is a completely waterproof lipstick!

Smoky eyes with nude lips

Diwali make up look for girls who like to make a statement, this make up look is just meant for them. The combination of smudged, smoky eyes and nude lips looks striking and pretty. The trick for a good smoky eye is that you need to be patient and continue the process. And, blending is the key here. Start off by applying concealer on your eyelids and blend it out well. This will make your smoky shades pop out better. Now, tap your fluffy brush into some grey eyeshadow. Start off by tapping this on the center of your lid and start building it in and outwards direction. Now take a rather pointed brush or a flat brush to deposit a bit of black eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes. Now take your fluffy brush again and start blending it inwards. Don’t forget to fluff out a little bit of black eyeshadow on your lower lids as well. Finish off with a black eyeliner, black Kajal on your lower water line as well as your upper water line. For your lips you could either choose a nice nude lip color like ‘nude alert’ or a nice lip gloss like ‘nude attack’ or ‘barely there.’ This make up look is short to make you look like a star for the evening.

Shimmer eyes with pastel or pink lips

This make up look is another perfect choice for days when you want to keep it natural yet a little jazzy for the festive evening. This Diwali make up look is more suitable for people who have medium to fair skin tone. Start by prepping your skin and then doing up your base make up well. Take all the time in the world to do your base make up well, because a perfect base make up makes your entire make up look flawless. For your eyes, you will need a nice shimmery eyeshadow palette –the Glam Life eyeshadow palette would be perfect. From this eyeshadow palette you can pick shades like ‘disco’ or ‘princess’ to do up your eyes. Now you don’t have to be a pro to do this, just apply the shades with your fingers on your eye lids and then blend it out with a nice eyeshadow fluffy brush. That is it, and for your lips you can pick a nice nude shade like Blissful Mocha to complete your look. You can also use a little bit of Kajal for your water line for that extra dramatic look. Now the average makeup kit price is not too much to burn a hole in your wallet!

Kohl eyes with bold lips

This Diwali make up look is one of the most classic Indian make up look that you can try. You will definitely need to do your skin prep and your base make up well. You can also go in for a little bit of contour if needed, but don’t forget your blush and your highlighter because these two elements will brighten up your entire face. The classic thing about this makeup look is that the hero elements are your Kajal and your lipstick. So, take your time to draw your water line with your Kajal well. Don’t forget to do your tight lining and once you are done take your eye pencil brush and smudge out your lower waterline a little. This will give your Kajal and nice smudgy effect while making your entire look a little more dramatic. That’s all you need for your eyes, and for your lips pick something bold like the ‘Nikkah red’ shade from the new Ultra Matte range. Your look is now complete, and you surely will look like a bomb after this! The best eye makeup kit from Iba will help you with this!

No makeup makeup look with bold lips

This make up look is always a winner no matter what occasion or what festival. All you need to do is prep your skin really well and take all the time to do your base make up well. This Diwali make up look is sure to make heads turn your way. Once your base make up is done, take your favorite blush and apply it on your cheek bones, a little bit on your nose bridge, and a little bit around your mouth. Blend your blush really well until it looks like a light tint. This will give your face a very nice and natural fresh look. Don’t forget to tame your brows, use some filler if needed. Now to finish it off take a bright lipstick like ‘date night’ from the Iba Ultra Matte range to complete your look. The brightness of the lipstick will make your entire face light up and get you Diwali ready for the evening.

These are just few of the make-up looks that you can try this Diwali and look like a Patakha all the way. But make sure you have fun and try as many looks as you can. Happy Diwali!

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