Iba Celebrates our 8th Birthday Bash

Iba Celebrates our 8th Birthday Bash

Once again it is that time of the year! Once again, Iba gears up to celebrate its birthday – this year marks the 8th – with an awesome birthday bash swearing by our beautiful motto of #cleanbeauty all the way. What makes you beautiful must also be beautiful, is what Iba believes and swears by. This has been our Motto since day one and lives by it up till today. 

Iba as a brand started off with just a few make up products and a handful of skincare products. But now when we look back, it has been quite a journey. Iba now has a huge variety of make-up products comprising of various lipsticks, compact powder, eye makeup, prepping make up and many more. 

What is most noteworthy about this brand is that, it began with a theme of serving beauty and skincare products with the concept of using clean and pure ingredients only. This concept would deliver the best quality without compromising on its pay off compare to other top brands in the market. And, the best part is that, this brand has lived up to what it believed and dreamed about. 

As a brand, the anniversary date and month is a huge celebration in itself. But, for Iba our seventh and eighth years can be considered as major landmarks because of all the amazing new launches. Last year we witnessed a major launch of the entire Must Have range of high-end makeup. And this year, we would want our customers to “Prep, Glow & Celebr8” with us! We will be witnessing a whole new range of ultra matte bullet lipsticks and plumping lip glosses. These products are not only new to the brand but they will also be something new for all of us to experience because of their top quality and innovative formulations. 

Looking back at all the times gone by, as a brand Iba has managed to gain quite a few bestseller products ranging from lipsticks, perfumes, skincare products, and hair care as well. Our Black Seed Therapy Range is very well loved & most often reviewed! These products and their fans make the brand what it is today. 

Another major milestone set by the brand is by setting up its market audience in and around India as well as internationally like in the UAE. The demand of this brand is not just overwhelming but also very positive and we truly appreciate all the love and support that we have received from all of you. Iba is what it is because of all your love and demand for better products each day. 

We hope to celebrate many more amazing birthdays with all of you, while bringing in new products & fulfilling our customers’ needs every season. Your support for the brand encourages us to be better, to think of better ideas, and also innovate and bring in new products for you every time. 

We hope you have an amazing birthday celebration with us while we celebrate our 8th birthday by shopping in our Clean Beauty Birthday Bash!

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