Top 7 best way to learn makeup

Top 7 best way to learn makeup

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Makeup! The very word brings in so much excitement in a makeup lover’s heart! But there sure is a major gap between loving makeup and knowing how to do it the right way. Simple tricks and tips can make your makeup look absolutely flawless, and one tiny mistake can ruin your entire look as well as damage your skin as well. 

The best way to learn makeup is by playing around makeup whenever you get time. Make mistakes, look funny and let your hair down, because it is practice that makes any and every art form perfect. 

On the other hand, you might be asking yourself, “is it easy to learn makeup?” well, yesss! Let us check out a few tricks on learning makeup the easy way. 

  1. Practice!

Practice is the ultimate key to perfection. This applies even in makeup. Get all your make-up products out and play around as much as you can, whenever you get time or make time if you want this to be your profession. It is absolutely okay to make mistakes and look funny with different eye makeup on each eye - be it with kohl kajal, eyeliner or eyeshadow. Because this is exactly how you are going to learn to do makeup. It is through practice that you will learn about how much product needs to be used and which product and shade play along well - no matter how many makeup tutorials you may watch, nothing beats practice. 

  1. Follow makeup artists

Following makeup artists on social media is highly beneficial if you are someone who is trying to learn make up on your own. Makeup artists at times share extremely important tips and tricks to do your make up the right way which usually aren’t covered in a proper make up course. Makeup artists are professionals who have been in this field for many years and they have the right experience, therefore they share extremely important secrets about make up. Makeup artist also come up with extremely fun and easy to do make up hacks which aren’t just easy but also elevates your entire make up look. Following makeup artists on social media will not only benefit you in learning about tips, tricks and secrets about make up but you will also learn about make up brands, how to choose your foundation, how to do your base and many more.Start with makeup tutorials for beginners and go advanced from thereon.

  1. Learn the correct chronology

Learning the correct chronology in makeup is very important. By this we mean that you must always begin by cleansing your face which is your mandatory step one. And then move on to moisturizing your face well, this will ensure proper hydration for your skin. The next step is to use a primer, because this not only acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, it also makes your makeup last longer while blurring out all your pores. The next step is to use a color corrector if you have dark circles or any kind of pigmentations around your face. Next apply your foundation and blend it out well. This is the basic chronology that you must know while learning makeup. If you are not following these basic steps, then it is the main reason why makeup does not look good on you! 

  1. How many months does it take to learn makeup

Now this completely depends on you and your eagerness to learn makeup. Because, makeup is also a kind of art that needs a lot of practice and knowledge. The more you practice, the faster you will learn. The key here is to not compare your progress with someone else, because in art everyone excels in their own pace. Pick one task at a time, for example focus on blending your foundation for at least a week until you achieve the right flawless base. Similarly, play around your winged eyeliner and keep attempting until both your winged liners look perfect. Pick small tasks like this and keep achieving new goals. 

  1. Where to learn makeup?

The best place to learn makeup is at home. This will give you all the benefits of adjusting the right light, you can mess around your room as much as you want, also you don’t have to worry about people judging you around. Around the comforts of your home, you can make as many mistakes as you can, but this will only help you to learn the right way to do your makeup. The best thing about learning makeup at home is that, you can create any look at any time and there is no time limit for your practical sessions. 

  1. Learn about the right products & brands

You might wonder, “what makeup should I start with?” Then here is your answer. Knowing and learning about the right make up products and brands is extremely important. Picking the right brand also means that you are already taking care of your skin and a flawless make up finish. Good brands ensure good quality in makeup which not only gives your make up a nice finish but it also takes care of your skin. Good makeup brands do not contain harmful chemicals, artificial elements or unsafe levels of alcohol which might ruin your skin. Therefore, knowing which brands and products suite your skin type is extremely important in skincare and makeup. 

  1. Eye makeup first or face makeup?

As a beginner in makeup, we suggest that you begin with your eye makeup first. Start off with your eye makeup primer and then a concealer which is lighter than your skin tone because this will only make your eyeshadow colors pop. Play around with your eyeshadow as you wish, and then you can clean up all the eyeshadow dust and leftover around your face. Once your eye makeup is done and your cleaning is complete, you can start off with the rest of your face. Once you ace in your makeup game, then you can surely begin with your face makeup first and then move on to your eye makeup because by then you will know exactly how to fix your make up in case there is any eyeshadow pay-off falling on your face. Get the best eye makeup kit at Iba!

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