Liquid Eyeliner, Pencil Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner: Which is Best for You?

Liquid Eyeliner, Pencil Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to stocking up on your vanity, it is important to stock up a few of the best eye makeup products. This is extremely important and essential because your eye makeup changes the entire game. Even on days when you don’t feel like wearing any makeup at all, it is your eye makeup that is going to give your face a fresh glow. Having a bunch of different eye makeup products not only helps in completing your entire look but it also helps in enhancing your eye features. 

It is important to understand which eye makeup product is best for you and what type of eye makeup pencil you must have. So we have debated and understood a few of the best eye makeup products for you.  

Liquid eyeliner vs pencil eyeliner

When it comes to understanding liquid eyeliner vs pencil eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner can be used to create crisp and sharp lines. These sharp and crisp lines cannot be created with a pencil eyeliner. So, if you are looking for a sharp winged eyeliner then a liquid eyeliner is the best choice for you. But if you are looking for a bold eyeliner look then a pencil eyeliner is perfect. If you are looking for a multitasking product that not only helps you to line your eyes, but also you can use it for smudging and for smokey eye makeup looks, then a pencil eyeliner is the perfect product for you. Apart from its popularity, a pencil eyeliner is the most commonly used eyeliner and if you combine it with a kajal then it will give you a beautiful and yet a dramatic finish. You can also smudge out your liner using a Q-Tip for a bold finish. So, is pencil eyeliner better than liquid eyeliner? The answer is neutral because it depends from person to person and their needs to decide if a pencil eyeliner is better than liquid eyeliner. It all depends on the look that is being created and occasion it is created for. 

Gel eyeliner vs liquid eyeliner

If you are someone who is a pro at makeup than a liquid eyeliner is the best product for you because they are easy to use and it comes with a built-in applicator. With this you can create any shape and style you want. Gel eyeliners tend to dry faster and they are less messy when it is applied, hence it is a great product for beginners who don’t have steady hands. One of the most important gel liner benefits is that it has the pigment of a liquid eyeliner with a proper creamy finish that makes applications extremely easy. Another gel liner benefit is that it is great for beginners who struggle to create perfect wing eyeliner because it helps you to create precise lines without messing up. The consistency of a gel eyeliner is thick and it comes in a small container which makes application extremely easy. This is not possible in the case of a liquid eyeliner, especially when it comes to a beginner. 

Gel eyeliner vs pencil eyeliner

Both gel liner and pencil eyeliner are great products for beginners. These fall under the category of waterproof eyeliner for summer because a gel eyeliner doesn't smudge or budge and so does a pencil eyeliner. The only difference between a gel eyeliner and a pencil eyeliner is that, a gel eyeliner will help you to create precise strokes just like a liquid eyeliner but without messing up. Whereas a pencil eyeliner will help you to create bold strokes and also you can smudge it out to create any kind of eye makeup look without ruining your makeup. The difference between a liquid eyeliner and a pencil eyeliner is that pencil eyeliners are more easy to use and there is no mess at all, whereas a liquid eyeliner can become extremely messy at times and also stain your upper lids. Hence, if you are looking for a waterproof eyeliner then a pen eyeliner or a gel eyeliner would be the best choices for you. 

Now that you have understood the difference between liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner and also a gel eyeliner, you will now be sorted for the best eye makeup product according to your needs. 

Apart from this it is also important for you to know and understand what type of eye makeup suits you and your style according to the occasion or engagement you are attending or getting ready for. If you are a beginner in makeup and you want your makeup to look flawless, we suggest that you go for an eyeliner pen which is not only easy to use but it will also give you a beautiful and a precise finish without making any mistakes. Not just this, you can also check out a few of the best eyeliner tricks and tips so that your eye makeup looks professional and classy and keeps you ready for any occasion coming up your way.

Since we have talked about everything about an eyeliner pen, liquid eyeliner, and also a gel eyeliner, let us check out a simple eye makeup look using one of these eye makeup products. For a simple Smokey eye makeup look, begin with your pencil eyeliner and roughly line your eyes. Next, smudge out the pigment with your fingers to give your eyes a Smokey look. You can then use a fluffy brush and take a bit of brown eyeshadow and blend it around the outer corner of your eyes. Take a little bit of grey eye shadow and apply it on your lower lash line. Finish off with your Kajal on your water line and also a bit of tight lining on your upper waterline. Finally take your gel eyeliner or your liquid eyeliner and line your eyes in any style you want. This is the easiest way in which you can create a smokey eye makeup look. 


1.Can I use Kajal As an eyeliner?

Yes you can definitely use a Kajal for your eyeliner if you want a bold and classic look.

2.Which eye makeup product is the best recommendation for a beginner to create perfect winged eyeliner?

An eyeliner pen is one of the best recommendations for a beginner if you want to create perfect winged eyeliner or any other style of eyeliner. Pen eyeliners are easy to hold and help to create precise and shop eyeliner looks.

3.Can I use a liquid eyeliner for my lower lash line?

If you want a bold eye makeup finish especially for stage performances like dramas or classical dances, then using a liquid eyeliner for your lower lash line will give you the finish that you are looking for. For regular use, you can simply use a kohl kajal.