#Hacked: Eyeliner Tricks Sorted

#Hacked: Eyeliner Tricks Sorted

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There’s a saying which goes like, “never ask a girl why she’s late if she has perfect winged eyeliner on.” Lol! Sounds funny but only we eyeliner obsessed folk would know how real the struggle can be! Acing a perfect eyeliner, be it winged or simple bold, nailing it on one stroke is what happiness is all about. But that seldom happens unless you are a pro or you are gifted with unnatural and extreme steady hands. 

We know and we understand what you would give up for that one perfect stroke! And we totally hear you! So, here’s presenting the Iba Must Have No Mistake Eyeliner Pen. This eyeliner pen is what dreams are made of! And why do we say so? Well, just for starters, this eyeliner pen is absolutely beginner friendly and super easy to hold and handle even if you have wobbly hands and nervous energy. The precise felt pen-like tip allows you to get that perfect stroke in a single application. The best part is of course it is waterproof and smudge-proof so you’re welcome in advance. And like always, this matte eyeliner is vegan, cruelty free, Halal certified and also PETA certified. Win-win from every angle. 

Now that we have already shown you what your new magic wand looks like, let’s check out a few easy magic tricks for that perfect eyeliner game. 

The simple bold stroke 

Now this style is one of the most simple and subtle ways to look elegant and yet bold. All you need to do is apply some nude eyeshadow shade on your lid or you could use a few dabs of our Everyday Lip & Cheek Tint and give a mild hint of colour. Now take the Iba Must Have No Mistake Eyeliner Pen and begin with the inner corner of your eye lid. Begin with a thin stroke and pull it out smoothly till where your lid ends. You can now fill in your liner if there are any gaps between your liner and your eyelid and you are done! For more dramatic look, take your kajal and tight line it on your upper water line and voila! This look is just perfect for your western look or maybe your no-makeup makeup look. 

The classic wing

Now who doesn’t want to nail a perfect wing? Every teenager and every girl would give all their time in the world to learn and ace that perfect wing! So, here’s one easy trick for that perfect wing; so instead of starting from your inner corner, start from the end of your lid and stroke a slanting line in opposite direction towards your lid. Now pull another line towards your lid creating a tiny triangle and then fill it up. When your triangle is complete, start with the inner corner of your lid and join it to the triangle wing you just created and done! This liner style complements every makeup look, especially when you are opting for an elegant, festive Indian look. 

The cat eye liner 

Now, this liner style is similar to winged liner. Firstly, complete your winged liner and then take your eyeliner pen and pull a sharp stroke from your inner lid corner towards your nose bridge and make a tiny triangle. And that’s it! This style looks sassy and bold, just perfect for your girl’s day out! 

This is all about it for you to rock and slay your eyeliner game with the best eyeliner pen and easy tricks. Go on and get your hands on your special magic wand now!

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