Toners vs Micellar Water

Toners vs Micellar Water

Now, this debate is as old as the above-named products have seized to exist! Toners, micellar water…are they same? Well, let’s put it in this way, they are “same-same but different”! 

But, to answer your question and confusion better, let’s first understand what are these two products are in real? 

A toner is basically a skin tonic that is curated to cleanse and soothe your skin. It is also known to minimize pores making your skin look tighter, smoother and healthier. A toner is also known to protect, hydrate and refresh dry and dehydrated skin. You can use your favorite toner as you wish; like a face mist spray, or on a face wipe pad and wipe off or as a last step for your makeup removal regime. But the key idea is, never miss out on toner if you want flawless, glowing skin. 

Whereas, Micellar Water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. Micelles act as magnets for dirt and oil. This unique property is why Micellar Water can be used in a lot of different ways. It looks like water, but it has a different texture. It also foams up slightly when used (and that’s the molecules doing their job).

They say, Micellar water was created in France for the natives to avoid washing their faces with tap water, as they had a major ‘hard water’ problem. How can it help you? Well… hard water isn’t just a problem in foreign countries. In fact, a significant portion of water in India is hard water. Because hard water compromises the pH balance of skin, in the long run it can cause dryness, dull skin tone and a myriad of unwanted problems. Not just this, the molecules in micellar water breaks down dirt and makeup particles more easily and gently compared to other types of removers or soap based face washes.

Now that we know what the difference is between toners and micellar water, let’s check out Iba’s best pick for these two skincare heroes.

Iba Soothe-n-Clean Micellar Water

The Iba Soothe-n-Clean Micellar Water is a non-sticky, oil free formula that pulls sebum and all other daily impurities off your skin. The micelle particles gently yet effectively remove all makeup without drying out the skin thus making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is infused with skin soothing and healing ingredients like Chamomile Flower Extract which leaves the skin perfectly refreshed and clean (it smells refreshing too!). It is hydrating and doesn’t use harsh chemicals plus it works wonders for hormonal and acne-prone skin as it removes debris without making it oily.

IbaSoothe-n-Clean Micellar Water is one of the very few Alcohol-Free make-up removers. Moreover, it is a Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Vegan and Halal Certified product. It removes long-stay and waterproof makeup.

Iba Advanced Activs Crystal Clear Aloe Vera Serum Toner 

This toner right here is by far the most unique toner because this bottle of genie right here works in two ways! You read it right! This Serum-Toner from Iba is exactly what its name suggests. You can use this like a toner is ways a toner is supposed to be used, or you can take a few drops and apply all your face and let it soak in like a serum. This serum-toner is designed for oily, acne and pimple prone skin. The goodness of aloe vera, tea tree oil and green tea in this serum- toner means that you can’t miss out on this baby! 

Iba 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner

Another mind-blowing toner from Iba that we cannot afford to miss out is the 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner. This toner right here is again extremely versatile because of its pure rose water base. Firstly, you can use this for an instant hydration by using it like a face mist anytime and anywhere. Secondly, you can use it like a normal toner soaked in a cotton pad and wipe off your face and neck for a clean and refreshing feeling. And lastly, you can also use this like a makeup remover for an extra squeaky-clean feeling. The best part about this toner is that it is rose water based, which means you can use it for all your ubtans and masks instead of plain water.

You are now sorted with your toner and micellar water dilemma, and you now have sorted suggestions for these awesome products too! 

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