Holiday Skincare Essentials

Holiday Skincare Essentials

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Summers are all about vacations! Popsicles, iced lemonade, basking in the sun & sand or maybe just a getaway to a cooler hill station to beat the heat! Well, what’s even summer without a little holiday tan?

Summer vacations are a major part of the season, but you don’t have to get a tan to show off your vacation, let Instagram do the showing off for you. Because, tanning also means that you haven’t been taking care of your skin well. Vacations are meant for your mind and soul, and not for your skin care. Nope! Your skin needs you to care for it every single day, vacation or no vacation!

So, to get your packing sorted we have listed a few summer holiday skincare essentials that you must carry no matter what!

Iba SPF 50 Invisible Sunscreen

Your beach trip is forever incomplete without sunscreen. And, we don’t mean it only for a tan. Sun tans are also beautiful in their own way, but your sunscreen is to protect your skin from deep skin damages and other skin damage problems caused by the harmful UV rays.  Iba SPF 50 Invisible Sunscreen is a great pick for everyone because unlike greasy and sticky sunscreens; this one is actually very light and water based. This sunscreen is infused with coconut water, aloe vera water, witch hazel water, which makes it all the more appealing. Overall, a great holiday skincare product.

A Face wash

Cleansing is a major part of your skincare and it does not matter if you are on vacation or not! If you want fresh glowing skin and pics from your holiday, keeping your skin clean is a major check that you need to take care of. Iba Vitamin C Face Wash would be a great pick because it is infused with hyaluronic acid and gentle exfoliating beads that rid your face of dead skin, dirt & sebum while thoroughly cleansing it. This face wash for women is suitable for all skin types and has a heavenly fragrance too. So make sure your face wash is a part of your holiday skincare kit.


Keeping your skin well hydrated and moisturized is the key to flawless glowing skin. Hence, we suggest that you carry your serum rather than a moisturizer. Why? Because, holidays are all about sightseeing and endless touristy trips, and you would surely be short on time when it comes to getting ready and creating fun holiday makeup looks. So, a serum works well and fast and also penetrates deep into your skin quickly and does its job. Iba Skin Glow Power Serum would be the perfect pick. It is infused with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid. This serum is extremely light weight and water based making it an excellent choice for everyone.

Lip & Cheek Tint

Like we mentioned above, holiday trips are all about getting ready quickly and at the same time look your summer-best. So, skipping the entire makeup game isn’t what we are suggesting, but what we are telling you is, a little glow goes a long way. And for this, we have five shade selections of the Must Have Lip & Cheek Tints for you. And your go-to vacation makeup tips is to just pick your favourite shade and pat a little on your cheek bones, nose bridge and your lips for that natural sun-kissed glow. This is the easiest way to make your skin look fresh and glowing.

One of the best makeup for vacation is to apply your lip and cheek tint on your lips, on your cheeks, and also a little bit on your nose for a flushed look. Finish off by patting on a little bit of compact powder for a fresh matte look.

Kohl Kajal

We have hyped enough about all the sight-seeing trips and all the fun that it brings along. But, here’s the thing, when you are on your vacation, sleep becomes secondary because your mind is constantly excited anticipating all the new things and adventures that await you. Hence, tired eyes are natural. Surely, your eye crème saves you from further damage, but your kohl kajal becomes your game changer as it makes your eyes look fresh, alluring and pretty with just a single stroke. The Iba All Day Kohl Kajal is a great holiday makeup product as it is long-lasting, waterproof and also smudge proof.

Lip Balm

No matter where you are travelling to, be it the beach or the snowy hill station, your lip balm is your best friend. Unlike your other skincare or makeup products that might not be easy to carry around, make sure your lip balm is always in your purse. Your lips are the most delicate part of your face and they tend to get dry and chapped easily. Keeping them well hydrated and moisturised at all times is essential. The Iba Moisture Rich Lip Balm – Strawberry would be a nice pick because it has a mild pinkish tint and that would be perfect for your holiday makeup look. This lip balm is infused with cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and aloe vera.


Songs bring back memories and so does perfumes! Carrying your favorite perfume for your vacation isn’t only about smelling nice, but it is also a way to capture your best moments and relive them every time you wear them. But, at times carrying your perfume bottles get a little bulky and you tend to leave them behind. So, here’s Iba Perfumes to your rescue. Iba perfumes come in six amazing fragrances to choose from and the best part is that these perfume bottles are tiny and absolutely travel-friendly. And not just this, Iba perfumes are free from alcohol, parabens and phthalates. These perfumes are oil based which makes them long lasting but they would not stain ever. So make sure you carry these amazing perfume in your holiday makeup sets.

Your travel essential pouch is now ready! You can add in your other favourite stuff too, but these ones listed above are the ones that you aren’t allowed to miss out on. Happy Summer Holidays!