Summer Food Trends 2022

Summer Food Trends 2022

Let’s admit it for once and for all, summers just sound fun until that heat gets on your nerves till you drop! Quite literally! Summers can be extremely exhausting for your body as the temperature rises causing dehydration, heat strokes and flu. The best way to stay cool is by keeping your environment and diet in check. 

Talking about environment, try and avoid stepping out of the house during the day time unless extremely necessary. Even if you’re going out for work, then try and cut down on your walk breaks no matter how boring your work environment gets. But, apart from these situations, it is possible that sometimes you might get caught in the moment and might need to stay outdoors. For times like these, make sure you are well hydrated. 

Summers can be really tricky when it comes to staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet when the heat tends to bring down your appetite drastically but you have to ensure both water & nutrient intake. In times like these, nothing seems better than something chilled and refreshing that is also healthy for your body and your skin. 

Let’s check out a few food options that you could add to your diet this summer. 


This fruit is by far the safest and the most refreshing fruit during summers. The best way to have watermelons is by chilling them or just blend in to a refreshing juice. Watermelons are highly hydrating with negligible calories, which make this fruit an excellent choice for snacking, breakfast or your salad for lunch. Daily consumption of watermelon aids in your skin health by enhancing your natural glow. 


It is the season of the kind of fruits – Mangoes! Only a mango lover would know what it means to wait for an entire year for this delicious fruit that doubles up as a dessert any day. Mangoes are a great summer choice for your summer food option and the numerous ways that it can be consumed. From shakes to salads, from desserts to healthy salads. Mangoes can be consumed in every way you want. But be cautious of the fact that mangoes also tend to generate heat in the body, hence make sure your mangoes are chilled before consumption. Also, keep track on how much mangoes you have consumed for the day. For a mango lover, keeping a count is difficult but two for a day is a safe choice. 

Cucumber & Corn Salad 

This refreshing combination is like a summer party in the mouth! There will be days when your appetite would seem like it has been dead forever. But you will need to eat to stay fit and hydrated. In times like these, a cucumber & corn salad is a great choice. All you need to do is, chill the cucumber and boiled sweet corns before prepping your salad. For ingredients, dice in the cucumbers, take half a cup of corns, 2 teaspoons of onions and tomatoes each and then finish off by sprinkling some salt, pepper and chaat masala. You can also drizzle a teaspoon of lemon juice for that extra zing. Your healthy snack is now ready! 

Coconut Water 

This hydrating treasure beats any fruit juice any day! Not to mention the fact that coconut water is extremely hydrating your body and skin but it also aids in weight loss. Coconut water is a great alternative to artificial sports or energy drinks as it is extremely low in calories and high in potassium & other electrolytes. Coconut water, if consumed on a daily basis has been known to improve your kidney health as well. 

Sprouts salad 

This OG snack that doubles up as a meal is a winner any day! Sprouts salad is by far one of the easiest and quickest summer dishes to prep and serve. There is no rule of how your sprouts salad should be prepared, just throw in your favorite fruits, veggies, seasonings or dressings and you have the healthiest bowl right in front of you. Sprouts salad during summers if a great option because with the benefit of being served chilled, it is also rich in fibre and proteins that boosts your health and also aids in cleansing your system. 

These summer food options are sure to keep you charged and hydrated while the heat conspires to sap you out this season!

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