Do’s & Don’ts for Summer Skincare

Do’s & Don’ts for Summer Skincare

The only best thing about summers – popsicles, chilled mocktails and vacations! We wish it was this easy to speak about and execute summer skin care as well. 

Most of us tend to experience a difference in our skin during summers. Some of us might experience oily skin or combination skin and some dry, whereas in real your skin actually was normal in the last season. Hence, choosing the right product is extremely essential and staying hydrated is the ultimate key. 

At times we do tend to go overboard when it comes to taking care of our skin during summers. Some things should be avoided and some to be embraced, however reluctantly. Let’s check out a few do’s and don’ts for our summer skincare regime. 

Summer skincare do’s 


Cleansing is a crucial part of your skincare no matter what season or what weather it is! But, we do recommend cleansing more strictly during summers as you tend to sweat more, and sweat attract dust, dirt and pollution which leaves the skin dirty. If you aren’t cleansing well, then this dirt gets into your pores and end up with breakouts, inflammation and at times infection. So, no matter what make sure you cleanse your skin well. 

The best cleanser or face wash that we would recommend is the Iba Vitamin C Face Wash that is infused with hyaluronic acid and gentle exfoliating beads that exfoliate your skin slowly & without harsh action while cleansing. This face wash is suitable for all skin types and has been through dermatological testing as well. 

Moisturizer & Sunscreen 

There might be days when the heat would be scorching and anything close to a moisturizer seems heavy and oily for the skin. But, skipping your moisturizer is equally wrong because that leaves your skin bare and invites d ust and dirt particles to directly touch and lay on your skin. Similarly, you cannot afford to skip out on your sunscreen if you are stepping out on a hot summer day. Not only will you get sun burnt and tanned, but also be exposed to other skin related problems caused by the harmful UV rays. 

If you are still skeptical about picking a moisturizer then we suggest that you pick the Iba Skin Glow Power Serum which is infused with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid. This serum would be the best pick because it is extremely light weight and water based making it an excellent choice for everyone. 

For sunscreen, you can the pick the Iba SPF 50 Invisible Sunscreen which is another great pick for everyone because unlike greasy, white-toned and sticky sunscreens; this one is actually very light and water based. This sunscreen is infused with coconut water, aloe vera water, witch hazel water, which makes it all the more appealing. 


Your skin care is incomplete without a proper diet and fluid intake. Summers can be really exhausting and if you aren’t well hydrated, it immediately shows on your face. The cool thing about summers is that it brings along awesome fruit selections like watermelons, lychees, musk melons, mangoes, dragon fruits and so on. All these fruits are rich in fluids, vitamins and fibre. Adding these fruits and fresh fruit juices to your daily intake isn’t only healthy and refreshing, but it is also great for your skin. Apart from this, make sure you are drinking at least 3-4 liters of water a day. 

That was a quick guide to your summer do’s checklist. Now, let’s check out a few summer don’ts for your skincare. 

Over Cleansing 

Face wash trips can be extremely refreshing any time of the day. Especially when the heat is scorching, nothing feels better than a nice cold splash of cleansing with your favorite face wash. But, here’s the thing, make sure you don’t use your face wash more than twice a day. Other times you can just splash cold water for a refreshing break. Over cleansing you skin might lead to unnatural drying of your skin, which tends to bring in irritation and rashes while ripping away your skin’s natural oils. So, make sure your keep your cleansing in check. You could use a toner instead of soap & water every time to hydrate your skin – Iba 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner is the absolute best for this! 

Skipping on sunscreen & primer 

We already stressed enough about all that could go wrong if you skip on your sunscreen. As important it is to apply your sunscreen, it extremely crucial to apply your primer after that as well if you are stepping out with some makeup on. Primers work like a protection shield for your skin creating a layer between your makeup and your skin. This helps in keeping the dirt and dust at bay. Apart from this, your primer will also keep you makeup in place making it long last no matter the heat or the sweat. 

For summers we recommend the Iba Photo Perfect HD Face Primer that is matte gel based making it perfect for all skin types. 

Avoid fried & oily food 

Like we mentioned earlier, along with your skincare, your diet also plays a major role in your skin’s health. Hence, avoiding oily and fried food on any day is always a great choice. Specially during summers, because these food options tend to cause breakouts and pimple. Summers make your skin sweat more, and sweat along with breakouts isn’t the best combination you would want. So, choose wisely on what your plate has!  

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