5 Major Differences between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

5 Major Differences between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Every girl has a major lipstick and lip gloss collection in her vanity. No matter how many lipsticks and lip glosses she owns in her vanity, it is never enough. The best part about having multiple lipsticks and lip glosses is that you can create multiple makeup looks and also use these products in multiple ways. But did you ever wonder about the difference between lipstick and lip gloss? You might already know that both the products are completely different from each other yet meant for the same purpose. But let us understand the difference between lipstick and lip gloss in depth.

Difference in texture

When it comes to the difference between lipstick and lip gloss texture, both are completely different from each other. A lipstick has a creamier and a thick consistency, and it also comes in a stick form. Whereas a lip gloss has a more liquid and a sticky consistency that gives your lips a glossy finish. A lipstick is known to add colour to your lips whereas a lip gloss is meant to give your lips a shiny finish. For example, if you see a transfer proof lipstick, it is creamier and has a matte finish which lasts on your lips all day long. Whereas a lip gloss is more silky and sticky and it does not stay on for too long. When you buy lipstick online, make sure you check the texture before purchasing so that it suits your type.    

Difference in benefits

Along with giving colour to your lips, your lipstick has a multiple number of benefits for your lips. Not just this, your lip gloss also has multiple benefits like hydrating and moisturising your lips from within. Let us check out a few benefits that a lip gloss and a lipstick has for your lips.

Lip gloss benefits

The best part about a lip gloss is that it has a liquid and a sticky consistency which makes it a great choice for people who have extremely dry lips. Your lip gloss can also transform any kind of non-transfer lipstick or matte lipstick into a glossy one. And the best part about a lip gloss is that you can wear it on its own, be it tinted or clear for a classy and glamorous look.

Lipstick Benefits

Your lipstick has multiple benefits than you know. With ingredients infused in your lipstick like cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and so on, it makes a great product for your lips not just to add colour but also to take care and heal from within. All these amazing qualities in a lipstick make it a great makeup product for daily use and also to brighten up your entire face to make your makeup look fresh and glowing.

Different uses of lipstick and lip gloss

When we talk about lip gloss vs lipstick, you can use these two products in multiple ways which again makes them great products for your makeup. A lip gloss is not as versatile as a lipstick but you can still experiment and use it in multiple ways. For example, you can create a glossy eyeshadow look using your lip gloss on your eyelids for a glossy finish. You can also use your lip gloss like your highlighter but make sure you blend it out well and the stickiness is reduced using a compact powder.

When it comes to different lipstick uses, the list is endless. To begin with, you can use your lipstick to add colour to your lips which completes your entire makeup look. Apart from this, you can also use your makeup for your blush to give your face a sun-kissed and a flushed glow. The list does not end here, you can use a brown lipstick for your contour that gives your face a sharp and a chiselled finish. You can also use any of your lipstick shades for your eye shadow base when you blend it out, and you can also use a liquid lipstick for your eyeliner using an eyeliner brush. If you have an orange or a red lipstick, then you can also use it like a colour corrector while you do your base makeup which will help in covering and neutralising dark circles and pigmentations. When you buy lipstick shades for dusky skin, make sure you pick a few dark oranges and dark maroon shades so that you can use these shades in multiple ways like mentioned above.

So next time when we discuss lip gloss vs lipstick, you will know exactly what products to purchase and how much to pick. And no matter how many lip glosses and lipsticks you shop for, there will never be enough in your vanity and hence make sure you pick shades of every variety so that you can use them for your lips as well as for different makeup hacks like we mentioned above. 


1.Can I wear my lip gloss over my moisture rich lipstick?

If you have extremely dry lips then applying your lip gloss over your moisture rich lipstick is a good choice. This will give your lips an extra boost of hydration and will keep your lips moisturised and soft throughout the day.

2.Can I wear only my lip gloss?

Yes you can definitely wear only lip gloss while you are getting ready. It does not matter if your lip gloss is tinted or clear, it will give your entire makeup a subtle and yet a glam finish.

3.Can my lip gloss turn any matte lipstick into a glossy lipstick?

Yes, the best part about a lip gloss is that you can transform any of your favourite matte lipstick shades into a glossy shade with your lip gloss.

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