Witch hazel – the sweet spell against acne

Witch hazel – the sweet spell against acne

...oh don’t go by the name because it has nothing to do with witches or their mysterious potions. But, it sure is super magical and if you don’t know yet, then go on and keep reading!

Witch Hazel is a potent and a multipurpose skin ingredient, especially for acne. It has properties of an astringent along with ant-inflammatory effects that can calm redness and swelling. Witch hazel is also known for healing wounds and soothing the skin while preventing itches and rashes.

If you’re dealing with acne and oily skin then witch hazel is your answer. Let’s check out how it works...

Reduces Inflammation

Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing the skin. This skin-soothing property is often used as a treatment for acne.

Acts as an astringent

Witch hazel contains tannins, which makes it an excellent astringent. It also minimizes pores and reduces excess oil production, making it a hero for every acne and oily skin related problems. This amazing property of witch hazel also helps in preventing dirt, dead skin cells, and acne-causing bacteria from entering and clogging pores.

A good moisturizer

Moisturizing is one important step that we often overlook, especially the ones with oily skin...yes we know that you do that! As guilty as you may seem, no matter what skin type you have, moisturizing your skin is extremely important. And for those who have oily skin, witch hazel could be your genie in a bottle.

Witch hazel is that one ingredient that you must check on the ingredient list next time you go on a shopping spree because it fights harmful free radicals that could damage your skin. It prevents skin irritation and skin redness caused by excessive UV exposure. It also has antimicrobial properties and can prevent bacterial and fungal growth on your skin.

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So next time you come across the word ‘witch’ make sure it follows up with a haze! (winks)