Witch hazel – the sweet spell against acne

Witch hazel – the sweet spell against acne

Oh, don’t go by the name because it has nothing to do with witches or their mysterious potions. But it sure is super magical and if you don’t know yet, then go on and keep reading!
Witch Hazel is a potent and a multipurpose skin ingredient, especially for acne. It has properties of an astringent along with anti-inflammatory effects that can calm redness and swelling. Witch hazel is also known for healing wounds and soothing the skin while preventing itches and rashes.
If you’re dealing with acne and oily skin then witch hazel is your answer. Let’s check out how it works...

Benefits of Using Witch Hazel

Reduces Inflammation

Witch hazel for acne is a great ingredient as it has amazing soothing and inflammatory properties. These properties not only help in healing acne and pimples, but it also helps in calming down your skin while revealing your skin’s natural and youthful glow. Witch hazel for acne can be found in multiple skincare products that have been curated specially for acne and pimples. 

Acts as an astringent

Witch hazel contains tannins, which makes it an excellent astringent. Hence, witch hazel for skin care is a great choice. Witch hazel also minimises pores and reduces excess oil production, making it a hero for every acne and oily skin related problems. This amazing property of witch hazel also helps in preventing dirt, dead skin cells, and acne-causing bacteria from entering and clogging pores. Therefore, witch hazel for skin care is a perfect choice for everyone. 

A good moisturizer

Moisturizing is one important step that we often overlook, especially the ones with oily skin...yes, we know that you do that! As guilty as you may seem, no matter what skin type you have, moisturizing your skin is extremely important. And for those who have oily skin, witch hazel could be your genie in a bottle. It is a huge myth that says if you have oily skin, you don’t need to moisturize. But in reality, all skin types need moisturization. If you don’t moisturise your skin then your skin will get more irritated due to the direct exposure of the sun, dirt, pollution, and dust.

Protects against skin damage

A natural plant compound called tannins is found in witch hazel. which helps in protecting your skin against damage. When you apply witch hazel regularly on your skin it will not only protect your skin but it will also prevent skin damage.

Fights against infections

A few studies have shown that witch hazel helps in fighting against certain types of viral infections and also helps in preventing them from reappearing. 

Soothes sore throat

Witch hazel has been known to have astringent properties which helps in calming down inflammation and hence it can also be consumed to soothe sore throat. It has been proved that witch hazel also helps in reducing swelling and pain caused by sore throat and it also helps in reducing mucus formation.

The best way to use witch hazel for sore throat is to boil 5 ML of witch hazel in a cup of water and use it for gargling. This will help in relieving your sore throat instantly.

How to use witch hazel?

Witch hazel is that one ingredient that you must check on the ingredient list next time you go on a shopping spree because it fights harmful free radicals that could damage your skin. It prevents skin irritation and skin redness caused by excessive UV exposure. It also has antimicrobial properties and can prevent bacterial and fungal growth on your skin. So it is extremely essential that you definitely check before you buy, especially if you have acne prone skin, pimple prone skin or oily skin.
But it is practically impossible to go out there and hunt for witch hazel and that is why skincare products acquire witch hazel as an ingredient in their skincare products which makes it much easier for everyone. There are different witch hazel uses according to your skincare needs but overall which witch hazel is a great ingredient for acne, pimples and oily skin. Witch hazel benefits acne marks as well because it helps in calming your skin instantly. When used regularly witch hazel benefits in fading your old marks and sports as well.
And... just for a heads up in case you’re struggling with acne and oily skin then it’s time to add Iba’s Crystal Clear 48HR Hydrating and Acne Fighting Aloe Vera Gel to your regime, as it is infused with witch hazel water along with Australian Tea Tree and works wonders against fighting acne, pimple and blemishes. This gel can also be used like your pre-make up skincare product because it is extremely lightweight and suits all skin types perfectly. You can also use this aloe vera gel for your DIY ubtans which helps your skin immensely. The best part about this aloe vera gel is that it also helps in preventing acne and pimples from reappearing every time.
Well, let’s not forget summer is here and the one thing that you can’t miss out on is your sunscreen lotion. Worried about those sticky sunscreens? Don’t worry! Iba has the best sunscreen for you, Invisible Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ also infused with witch hazel water along with Aloe Vera & Coconut Water that is super light in texture! 
When it comes to applying your sunscreen, make sure you apply it every single day even if you are not stepping out of the house. This will help in protecting your skin against the harmful blue rays emitted from your digital devices. Apart from this, make sure you definitely apply your sunscreen even when the weather is cloudy or when monsoon is at its peak. Because even if the sun does not show on certain days, the harmful UVA and UVB rays are always active and it can harm your skin immensely.
Apart from these amazing products, there is another product which has witch hazel infused in it. If you are wondering about how to use witch hazel on face, then this product is just perfect for you. The Iba 3 in 1 Rose Water Toner which comes in a spray bottle can be used in three different ways. You can use this toner like a face mist, like a toner, and also like a makeup remover. This rose water toner has been infused with the goodness of witch hazel which helps in lightening pores, balancing the pH level of your skin, hydrating your skin from within, and also helps in soothing and cleaning your skin. If you have dry skin, then you can also use this toner like a face mist after your makeup so that your skin is well hydrated and your makeup does not look cakey or patchy. And if you have oily skin then you can use this like your pre-make up skincare product other than a skin serum to prep your skin.
There are multiple ways in which witch hazel benefits for skin care, hence next time you buy a product make sure witch hazel is one of the hero ingredients on the label.
So next time you come across the word ‘witch’ make sure it follows up with a hazel! (winks)


1.Is witch hazel suitable for all skin types?

Yes, witch hazel is a safe ingredient for all skin types and if you have pimples and acne then this is one of the best ingredients that you must look for in your skincare products. 

2.Where can I buy witch hazel products?

Iba Cosmetics has a few of the best witch hazel infused products that are specially meant for all skin types. You can also check out other brands and look for products according to the ingredient list. The skin care market is full of options and you will find a few of the best if you look for it. 

3.Are witch hazel infused products safe to use on a daily basis?

Yes, witch hazel infused products are absolutely safe to use on a daily basis. In fact, using witch hazel infused products on a daily basis will not only protect your skin but it will also help in preventing skin care problems like pimples and acne.