Ban parabens right now!

Ban parabens right now!

Parabens! What could this word possibly mean with a “ben” (Ban) in itself! Just for starters, all you know is, it’s bad and it’s definitely something that you should avoid.

But what are parabens actually and why does it invoke so much fear and confusion? Well, let’s find out...

Most of us already know that parabens are unsafe and yet it’s used in most of the cosmetics that are available in the market. What you also know that paraben-free cosmetics and skincare are good for you but difficult to find.

So, what are parabens?

Preservatives! Familiar with this term right? From your favorite snacks to your breakfast spreads...anything edible that comes in a pack is always full of preservatives. Well, paraben is something similar! That’s right, parabens are those preservatives that keep your cosmetics and skincare products fresh and long-lasting.

“So..that’s a good thing right?” Well, nope not really! Parabens are usually used in cosmetics in levels lesser that 0.5% and often it’s a combination of parabens.

Some brands still claim it to be safe and continue to use it in their products but not at Iba though! Well, better safe than sorry right!

So, in simple words let’s put it out why parabens are bad for you. The chemicals in paraben have the ability to act like hormones inside the human body and cause disruption. It is extremely harmful to children under the age of 3 years. To top it all EWG (leading environmental health research and advocacy organization in the US) has given a hazard rating of 10 – highest hazard to propylparaben and butylparaben.

So, should you avoid parabens?

YES! Absolutely! Imagine while you’re taking care of your skin, its actually doing the opposite. Your cosmetic use over the years keeps increasing, so isn’t it a great idea to be careful of what you’re using. And something that’s marked as unsafe for kids, shouldn’t be in the house at all.

Most important: How do you choose safer skincare and cosmetic products?

That’s one important thing to take care of! Choosing brands and products according to skin type, ingredient-type and now the paraben-free type isn’t an easy task.

So, make it easier, read well about the brand, and the product description. But here’s an easier way, you can just get your products from Iba, because being a Halal Certified as well as Peta Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan brand, we do our best to bring products that are pure, and absolutely safe for you.

And, if you still have doubts, we are always here for you! We’re just a DM away!