What’s in your Travel Pouch?

What’s in your Travel Pouch?


Shaadi season is here and so is the season of holidays and travel! And the best thing about these occasions is that...you get to dress up, look awesome and take lots of pretty photographs!

But, what isn’t so fun about it is the packing part! Some things also seem to be left out and on the other hand you end up carrying few things extra.

So, let’s sort out your makeup and skincare pouch for starters!

Pick a pouch that is spacious so that you can carry everything in one pouch and you won’t be confused.

Face Wash & Makeup Remover

Two most important things you cannot afford to miss out while packing your travel friendly makeup products. Face wash is something that just shouldn’t be in your travel pouch but also in your carry bag, because it’s that one magical product that’ll help you refresh and cleanse in seconds. Your face wash is also what prepares your skin before makeup by getting rid of all the excess sebum, dirt, grime, and pollution.

Your travelling makeup bag will also need a makeup remover! Be it a wedding trip or a vacation trip, make sure you carry your makeup remover. No matter how tired you are, make sure you always, always and always remove your makeup before you hit the bed. Because, leftover makeup is worth harms and irritates your skin the most. Leftover makeup is more than enough to give you pimples and acne the very next morning. This will not only spoil your skin, but it will also spoil your entire trip with nasty pimples and acne.

Try Iba’s Vitamin C Face wash which is suitable for all skin types and also has been infused with tiny granules which gently exfoliates your skin while getting rid of all the dirt and sweat. It is your one go-to tube for skin that happily breathes!

And for your make up remover, you can pick the Iba Sooth-N-Clean micellar water which gently removes make up in a single swipe without irritating your skin.

Rayban Sunglasses

Concealer & Foundation

There might be times when you might forget your entire base makeup but make sure you carry your concealer and foundation. These two products work extremely well for your base even if you don’t have the rest of the products. And you absolutely got to try the Iba Must Have Concealer and the Waterproof Foundation which is also one of the best foundations for travel. Hide your blemishes with the concealer, even out your skin tone with this super-blendable foundation and your base is ready! It’s so perfect that you wouldn’t even need a setting powder. 

If you want your concealer to give a flawless and full coverage finish, then here is a travelling make up hack that will make your make up last longer. Once your primer is done apply your foundation all over your face and neck and blend it out well. Next, take your concealer and apply it under your eyes, on your nose bridge, around your mouth, and your forehead. The key here is to let your concealer sit for at least 15 seconds before you start blending it. This will not only help you in blending your concealer flawlessly, but it will also give your entire make up a smooth and full coverage finish.


Kajal is that one instant fix that brightens up any dull face, beautifies your eyes or enhances any makeup look. Kajal can also be used like an eye liner or even smudged out as eyeshadow for a smoky look. Also, you can hack it up and use it like your brow filler. So, this tiny little kajal could also be called ‘chota pattaka’ for its versatility making it perfect for travelling. Your kajal also enhances your sporty travel makeup by making your tired travel face look fresh instantly. 

Lip & Cheek Tint

This cute dabbas look tiny but they have major multitasking in terms of uses. Your lip and cheek tint can obviously be used like your lip colour, your blush and apart from this, it can also be used like an eye shadow. If you have a pale skin tone, pick the Must Have Sheer Peach then it can double up as a colour corrector and if it’s a little on the brownish tone like Forever Mocha then it can also be used like a contour cream. Your everyday makeup hack is here, in under 30 seconds, we promise! How awesome is that?! These tints are also a great addition to your travel friendly makeup because it can be used in multiple ways like mentioned above.


Your lipstick is what completes your entire make up look. It is very important that your lipstick colour matches your make up and your outfit. Since we’re talking about make up products that you must have in your travelling make up bag it’s important that you carry lipstick shades with a few options. You can get lipsticks that are small or are trial packs which make it a travel friendly make up product. These lipsticks are great for touch-ups and also easy to carry around. 


A highlighter is that one dose of shimmer that enhances your entire look with just one stroke. You can also use your highlighter like your eye shadow for an extra dramatic look and with these products you’re absolutely sorted.

Moisturizer & Sunscreen

Again, two very important products that’ll take care of your skin while you chill on your trip. Do not forget your sunscreen while you hangout during the day time and be it day or night, never miss out on your moisturizer. Moisturised skin is always happy skin!


What’s even a vacation without remembering it with a fragrance! Perfume bottles can be bulky to carry at times and so we have the perfect solution for you, Iba Pure Perfumes that come in 6 awesome variants. Its packaging is cute, tiny and has a roller ball applicator which makes it 100% travel friendly.

So, since we’re now sorted with our travel friendly packaging...let’s get going! Have a safe trip y’all!