Skincare Regime for Diwali Celebrations

Skincare Regime for Diwali Celebrations

It is officially the season of Shaadi, Dhamaka and Diwali! The festival of lights is special to us all and involves much cheer, family and lots of amazing outfits and looks! It is also officially that time of the year when you can change to multiple looks and try out different variants & products in makeup. The best part is, even your mom wouldn’t say ‘no’!

All the ‘getting ready’ and ‘making your room a mess’ seems all fun but what wouldn’t  seem fun is, if you woke up the next day with a tiny uninvited pimple guest! I know right? The thought itself is so annoying...

So here’s what you can do to avoid these annoying little pimples and breakouts!

Hydrate & Wash

No matter how overwhelming the festive days get, do not forget to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juice. This will not only keep you hydrated but it’ll also cleanse your system. A clean system is the perfect way to get clear and healthy skin.

Secondly, make sure you always remove your makeup well. Double cleanse if you can. Clean, product-free skin is always a happy skin. You can clean your makeup with Iba Soothe N Clean Micellar Water and then follow up with washing your face with the Aloe Aqua Facewash + Makeup Remover. Your skin will be perfectly off makeup.

Follow this every time you remove your makeup no matter how tired you are!

Moisturise & Sunscreen

Be it before your makeup or be it after you double cleanse, using a moisturizer is absolutely vital. A moisturizer will hydrate your skin and maintain its pH level and also work according to your skin type. If you’re confused about which moisturizer you must pick, then we suggest that you go for the Youth Preserve Skin Glow Power Serum, because this serum is perfect for all skin types and is water based...just perfect for all!

If you’re attending a day time function then make sure you apply your sunscreen before your makeup. Using a sunscreen for your AM outings and functions is as important as your makeup. None of you would like it if you removed your makeup only to see a sunburnt ‘you’ in the mirror!

Scrub and Facemask

All the makeup that you apply on a regular basis, tend to clog your pores at times. Bronzers, highlighters, blush, foundation all have micro particles which may block sebum & impurity disposal from the skin surface. For this, scrubbing is extremely important. Make sure you gently scrub at least once a week to get rid of clogged pores and dead skin.

Another important step is face mask, this isn’t just super relaxing but it also hydrates and brightens your skin from within. You can try the Iba 3 in 1 Instant Facial, this can be used in 3 ways – like a face wash, like a scrub and like a face mask. One product and you’re all sorted.

So, this was our skincare guide made with love just for you! We hope you have a wonderful festive season ahead!

Happy Diwali & A Prosperous New Year from Iba Cosmetics to you!