Do’s & Don’ts for a Festive Foodie

Do’s & Don’ts for a Festive Foodie

'Mummy bas ek aur laddoo!’ lol!

Doesn’t this line sound absolutely familiar! Any foodie out there would absolutely relate. It’s the festive season, which means it’s a food lover’s sweet haven!

But let’s be honest, we all know what happens if you’re going to overeat and gorge on ghee-laden sweets and snacks every single day! So, let’s keep up the fun as well as the diet clock in check with a few do’s & don’ts.

What to do if someone forces you for another helping of mithai?

Do – Take it politely, and wrap it in a tissue and keep it in your purse. Later, when you leave, give to someone who’s needy & homeless on the streets. Maybe, you can add in a little food packet and water as well. You would have made their Diwali a littler sweeter with this gesture! No mithai would ever give you this much satisfaction.

Don’t – Act as if you are bound and obliged to overeat just because someone is offering you. Keep your sugar intake in check.

How to serve yourself at a buffet?

Do – Serve yourself only as much as you can eat. Take tiny helpings of everything you want to taste. Don’t fill your plate up completely. Keep calm with all the food around you!

Don’t – Do not waste food! Avoid second helpings if you’re trying to cut down on your weight. Second helpings are mostly out of craving or greed. Avoid oily and deep fried food, try balancing with fresh salads and soup. Your tummy wouldn’t be too happy with an oil & ghee overload and neither would your skin.

What snacks should to serve your guests?

Do – Pick healthier options like sautéed vegetables with different homemade dips, vegetable chips like beetroot, carrots or banana. Something healthy like masala tossed makhanas or popcorns are not only light but quite delicious. These options aren’t just healthy but extremely yummy as well!

Don’t – Don’t be lazy and pick all that ready-to-serve snacks full of questionable fat and preservatives. These deep fried snacks aren’t healthy at all and people know their taste. Go creative and serve something easy to prepare & fun to eat!

So these are the few things that you can follow this festive season to keep your diet in check - at least a little! Don’t forget to enjoy your time with loved ones this festive season!